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Sepideh Iranian Actress?


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she was a beautiful actress in Iran in shah rejim before revoloution!


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Sepideh Farsi was born in 1965.

Sepideh Haftgoli is 5' 5".

Sepideh Raissadat was born in 1980.

Sepideh Jodeyri was born in 1976.

Sepideh Shamlou was born in 1968.

Sepideh Moafi is 5' 5 1/2".

The population of Sepideh-ye Gol Gol is 1,048.

Sepideh Haftgoli was born on October 22, 1980, in Emporia, Kansas, USA.

Sepideh is a Persian name which means dawn in English, this name uses in many Persian poems, and its a beautiful name.

The cast of Sepideh - 2013 includes: Anousheh Ansari as herself Sedigheh Hooshyar as herself Sepideh Hooshyar as herself Mohammad Hooshyar as himself Hadi Hooshyar as himself Asghar Kabiri as himself Javad Nasseri as himself

The cast of Until We Meet Again - 2012 includes: Sepideh Ghasemi as Sepideh Somaye Ghasemi as Somaye

Sepideh Haftgoli has: Played herself in "The John Kerwin Show" in 2001. Played Herself (2006) in "Score" in 2004. Played Hot girl in "Bum Wrap" in 2007. Played Henna in "Blue Again" in 2007. Played Persian Beauty in "The Love Guru" in 2008. Played Belly Dancer in "Rita Rocks" in 2008. Played Aurora in "King of the Streets" in 2009. Played Brenda in "Geraldine" in 2009. Played Shelley in "Un-Natural Selection" in 2011. Played Iranian Stewardess in "Argo" in 2012. Played Mandana in "IM Nowruz" in 2012. Played Civillian Woman (2012) in "Dr0ne" in 2012.

Sepideh has: Performed in "Pahlevan mofrad" in 1971. Performed in "Noghre-dagh" in 1971. Played Kobra in "Bi-gharar" in 1973. Performed in "Sheikh Saleh" in 1973. Performed in "Khurus" in 1973. Performed in "Ab" in 1975. Played Maryam in "Havas" in 1975. Played Sima in "Ezterab" in 1976. Played Golrokh in "Nafas-borideh" in 1980.

The cast of Sineh sorkh - 2007 includes: Sepideh Golchin Yusef Moradian Reza Safayipoor

The cast of Havoo - 2006 includes: Reza Attaran Reza Davoudnejad Sepideh Etayi Maryam Kaviani

Sepideh Moafi has: Played Mrs. Harrison in "Nurse Jackie" in 2009. Played Aaliya Zaki in "Blue Bloods" in 2010. Played Violet in "Violet Is Single" in 2010. Played Lisa Martinez in "Unforgettable" in 2011. Played Dr. Farrah Mahmoud in "Black Box" in 2014. Played Tereza Lopez in "Best Man in the Dark" in 2014.

The cast of The Silence in Between - 2007 includes: Sepideh Madah as Elaine Nic Moodie as Young Man

The cast of Fire Under the Ashes - 2013 includes: Parna Khalili as Sepideh Arash Setoodeh as Bamdad

The cast of Pahlevan mofrad - 1971 includes: Sepideh Reza Beyk Imanverdi Farokhlagha Hushmand Nasser Malekmotei Hassan Rezai

The cast of Khurus - 1973 includes: Sepideh Iren Manoucher Ahmadi Mahmoud Basiri Saeed Rad Davoud Rashidi Iraj Safdari

The cast of Some Real Fangs - 2005 includes: Mutya Macatumpag as Mitch Luvia Petersen as Leslie Sepideh Saii as Tara Natalie Skye as Nelly

The cast of Bi-gharar - 1973 includes: Sepideh as Kobra Pooran as Pooran Fariba Foroohar Iraj Ghaderi as Ahmad Akbar Khajavi Fakhri Khorvash as Fatemeh

The cast of Zendan-e zanan - 2002 includes: Golab Adineh Pegah Ahangarani as Sepideh Maryam Boubani Roya Nonahali as Mitra Roya Taymourian as Warden

The cast of Sheikh Saleh - 1973 includes: Sepideh Kamran Bakhtar Margerit Hakimi Mohsen Mahdavi Nasser Malekmotei Jamshid Mehrdad Reza Rakhshani Mohammad Vali Ahmadloo

The cast of Noghre-dagh - 1971 includes: Sepideh Behzad Farahani Iraj Ghaderi Iran Ghaderi Abbas Ghajar Mohammad Kahnemout Hossein Maleki Nasser Malekmotei

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