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The only game I know of is the one for the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. It's simple: just look for the "Hero guide" in each level (a sonic character.) If you press start you can switch guides, the hero is in blue. Complete their missions until you get to the final level, Final Haunt. Complete Sonic's mission and you will get the sappiest, goody-two-shoes ending possible.

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Q: Shadow the hedeghog how to get hero story?
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Is it true that shadow the hedeghog turn super shadow in shadow the hedeghog game?

Yes, Shadow turned super and stopped Black doom.

How do you get the last ending in Shadow the Hedeghog for the PS2?

Complete 10 storylines to battle every final boss and that will unlock the Last Story.

How do you unlock shadow and silver in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity?

Shadow is unlocked by completing the Hero Story;Silver, complete Babylon Story.

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Shadow isn't a Hero Or a Villain. He is Neutral

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Shadow isn't a Hero Or a Villain. He is Neutral

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How do you get the secret character in sonic riders?

To get shadow,cream and rouge you have to complete the hero story. to get eggman complete the babylon story,nights,aiai and ulala you get by doing all the missions.

How is sonic so fast?

He is a hedeghog from a different universe

What clothes do Turkey people wear?

sonic the hedeghog

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Do you have to do evil or hero missions to reach devil doom in the stage final haunt in Shadow the hedgehog?

Hero mission. Look at the Story route. Dark path goes up Hero path goes down. Normal path goes striaght.

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