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If she likes you but is afraid to commit she may just need time to get comfortable. Sometimes people need to build up trust before they commit.

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Why would someone be afraid to commit to someone?

Because they are afraid of getting hurt.

Is threathening a sign that a girl likes you?

No, im afraid not.

Why does men want to take it slow in a relationship?

Because they are afraid to Commit to one girl!

He still loves you but is afraid of a commitment?

dump him because if he really loves you he would commit

What if you like this guy who likes you and you are afraid to talk to him?

Break the silence, Get to know him a little bit if you like him and he likes you

What do I do if I like a boy and am afraid to ask him out?

Get your freinds to see if he likes you.

How do you make a girl who likes you but is afraid to mess up your friendship want to date you?

If the girl really likes you then she must be shy rather than afraid. If you two are on the level of friendship then its OK.

How does an 11 year old girl get a boy to kiss her?

tell him that you like him and be all sweet if he likes you gack and to afraid to kiss you you kiss him! You tell him that you like him. If he likes you back but to afraid to kiss you, you kiss him!

He only looks at me but he does not talk to me. How do i know if he still likes me?

Maybe he likes you but he's too afraid to talk to you.

Why doesn't the guy you like want to show he likes you when he does?

because hes afraid that the person he likes doesn't like him back

What does Taylor Lautner like in a girl?

He says that he really like its when a girl is not afraid to go crazy, have fun, be a dork, and just likes to be herself. He likes it when a girl isn't afraid to do something adventurous, likes to have a lot fun, and doesn't change her attitude in front of people.

Can you believe this mate if he said he's scared to commit to a relationship with you because he's afraid of letting you down?

Depends. If you think he is genuine then yeah. If he lies a lot then no. If he seems like he likes you then i am sure its ok. Just talk to him. Reassure him that it doesnt matter. From Hope :)

How did Machiavelli die?

he commit suicide with illnesshe wanted to die because he was a noobhe likes to diehe likes menhe died from illness ^

He has all the signs that he likes me but he's the same way with every other girl so how do i know if he truly likes me?

You ahould just ask him if le likes you or not. Do not be afraid.

What does it mean if you ask a guy if he likes you and he says kinda?

It usually either means he does but he's afraid to tell you, he likes you but is not necessarily madly in love with you, or he just likes you as a friend.

Why does he not want to meet your son?

He's afraid to commit. He doesnt want to meet your son because this will mean something.

What Princeton from mindless behavior likes in a girl?

he likes a really mindless,confident,stylish,girl who isn't afraid to show off!

What kind of special looks will a guy gives you if they likes you?

If he seams jumpy or nervous he likes you and if he is also afraid to make eye contact

If a boy hides from you does it means he is afraid of you?

maybe he likes you. he was just nervous to see you.

What does a guy do if he likes you?

If a guy likes you, he will try to flirt. He will look at you every once and a while if your near him. IF YOU THINK A GUY LIKES YOU, DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK! Yeah, and he gets a boner.

Why wont your friend you really like and you think he likes you ask you out already?

I believe, being a guy, that a guy that likes you and you know he likes you back is afraid of being rejected and you not liking him.

What likes fish but never goes fishing?

A cat surely likes fish, but it will never goes fishing because it is afraid to swim on the water.

What does it mean when a guy say that he likes you to your friend?

It means he likes you but is too shy or afraid of rejection to tell you. If you like him, give him some encouragement.

Does this guy like you because he holds you tight?

If he holds you tight then he likes you. That is not the same as him willing to commit himself to you.

You have liked this girl for a few years and she has said that she likes you too But she is very aloof Why is she so scared to commit to anything?

It's probobally because shes been hurt before, and shes afraid of being hurt again. You have to show her that youre not the kind of person who's going to do that.

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