Shift from first to second gear?

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Yep, then shift from second to third gear.

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Q: Shift from first to second gear?
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If the transmission fluid is low will first to second gear shift be delayed?

No it will shift slow.

If a three speed bike gear shift will not shift from first to second gear what would be the cause?

Cable too slack.

What causes a Hard shift from first gear to second gear Honda accord?

A hard shift from first gear to second gear in the Honda Accord could be because of a linkage problem with the transmission. It could also be a problem with the transmission screen needing to be cleaned or low transmission fluid.

What is happening when your car as you shift from first gear into second gear and it backfires?

the spark timing has to be adjusted (on older vehicles only)

Is it safe to drive a stick shift it skip second gear?

If stick shift jumps outta second gear is it okay to drive the car?

Will not shift out of first gear?

If stick shift try pressing in the klutch all the way and pull it in to second and let off the gas.

Why would a car reverse in first and second gear and go forward in reverse gear?

Shift linkages not put in the correct spots.

Why would a 1998 Chevy Venture only drive in second gear?

My 1997 would not shift out of first gear, was 'throttle position sensor'.

Why does your Pontiac every once in a while shift hard between 1st and second gear?

its because of the dramatic gear change, first a second gear have bigger differences in size compared to the rest of the gears

Manual stick shift BMW what cause to shake when you shift the first gear?

manual stick shift BMW what cause to shke when i change in to the first gear

Why won't a transmission shift out of first gear on a 2001 ford explorer?

my 2001 ford windstar wont shift out of first gear.

On a 98 wrangler what causes first and second gear hard to shift into for the first time when very cold out?

if its cold out your gear oil is just very thick which makes it hard to shift once the car gets going it should be fine

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