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civil war

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Q: Shiloh National Battlefield was it the Revolutionary War or Civil War?
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What battle was named after church during the civil war?

The Battle of Shiloh is named after a church that stands on the battlefield.

What battlefield was figured in the civil war and Revolutionary War?

Cannae IMPROVEMENT Savannah.

Where is Shiloh in US?

Shiloh is a major battlefield of the US Civil War fought in the state of Tennessee. It is located in western Tennessee east of Memphis near the border with Mississippi.

Where are famous places in Tennessee?

* The Civil War Battlefield of Shiloh. * The Great Smoky Mountains. * Dollywood and Graceland. * The Ryman Auditorium.

Can you name 8 civil war battlefield?

bull run/manassas chanceellorsville gettysburg shiloh vicksburg chickamauga chattanooga fredericksburg

What is the hornets nest in the civil war?

The Hornet's Nest is a name given to an area of the battlefield upon which the Battle of Shiloh was fought in 1862.

How many National Military Parks are in TN?

Tennessee has one National Military Park. Shiloh National Military Park is located in Shiloh, Tennessee about nine miles south of Savannah, Tennessee. The National Military Park preserves the American Civil War battlefields in Shiloh and Corinth.

What battlefields can we visit in Virginia?

Consider visiting these: * Appomattox Court House and National Historical Park. * Chancellorsville Battlefield * Cold Harbor National Battlefield Park. * Fredericksburg Battlefield. * Malvern Hill Battlefield Park. * Manassas National Battlefield Park. * New Market Battlefield State Historical Park. * Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District. * Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield. * Pamplin Historical Park and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier. * Petersburg National Battlefield.

Name of a battle that took place in North Carolina?

The Battle of Bentonville was the largest North Carolina battle of the US Civil War and see the Cowpens National Battlefield as a major Revolutionary war battle.

What was the bloodiest single day of civil war was?

ANSWER:apex= The Battle of AntietamThe bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, was the Battle of Shiloh (also known as Pittsburg Landing).The Battle of Shiloh, named after a church on the battlefield, is where many men from both sides would meet their God.After the battle was over, neither side cared anything about the title of winner or loser. After Shiloh, the South never smiled.

Was Shiloh the bloodiest battle in the civil war?

No Shiloh was not the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg holds that distinction.

What Battlefield was figured in both the civil war and Revolutionary war?

The Battlefield of Yorktown, which saw the defeat of British General Lord Cornwallis in 1781, the onset of McClellan's' Peninsular Campaign and the seize of Yorktown on May 4, 1862.

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