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Q: Shinto priest who communicate with the kami?
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Who follow Shinto believe?

"Kami" "Kami"

What is Kami in the religion Shinto?

The "Kami" in Shintoism is the God or gods.

What are Shinto kami?

The Shinto kami include beings that cannot sensibly be called 'gods' or 'goddesses' in English, along with beings that can. In addition, the deities of Japan are not all Shinto; many are Buddhist.

What are the writings of Shinto?

Shinto has no writtings! Followers of Shinto believe in Kami! Kami (there equivalent to a god) are spirits that take the form of such things as rain, wind, rivers and mountains!

What do the Shinto's call their gods?


What are Shintoists?

A Shintoist is a person who follows Shinto. Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan. Shinto is the praying to spirits also known as a kami. The word Shinto means "Shin" meaning kami in Chinese and "to" meaning a philisophical path or study.

What do Shinto's believe in mainly?

The Shinto pray to spirits or kami that act like gods.

What is kami and how is it different from something like a christian god?

A kami is a divine being in the Shinto religion

What is Shinto spirits called?

Shinto sprits are called Kami which means soul or spirit in Japanese!

What religion name means the way of kami?


Name of supreme being of the Shinto religion?


What is the Shinto name of deity?

izanagi, Izanami, or Kami.

What or who is the God of Shinto?

The Shinto religion has many Gods. They are called Kami. The sun goddess is known as Amaterasu-o-mi-kami who was born from Izanagi and Izanami the Gods who formed the island of Japan.

Where does the religion Shinto come from?

The religion Shinto comes from Japan! It is thought to be old as Japan itself! There are no founders of Shinto! They believe in something called Kami!

What is shinotism?

I think it is called Shinto not Shintoism. Shinto is the religion of Japan. It is polytheistic and the Kami are the spritis.

Why did Shintoism begin?

Shinto is not based on anybody on any body of religious law. Shinto belief revolves around "Kami" or deities. Kami can be related to natural forces, elements or animals. This all i know.

What are kami?

Kami are spirits or deities that surround us and are causes of natural occurances such as fertility. Kami are one of the primary beliefs of Shinto, the native religion to Japan.

What are the kami that are so important in Shinto belief?

"Kami" refers to gods and spirits. Shintoism is a faith that believes that there are many kami representing various aspects of the Earth and that these kami should be venerated.

How many gods does Shintoism have?

Shinto, or the kami? Be more specific!

Is Shinto monotheistic?

No, they are polytheistic because they worship many shrines or kami.

What religion believes that everything has a spirit or kami?

Shinto, a Japanese religion

Kami Amatersasu is Goddess of the?

She is the Shinto goddess of the sun, but also of the universe.

What do Shinto believe?

Shintos believe in Kami, which are spiritual powers in the natural world.

Who leads the Shinto followers in worship?

A Kannushi (Shinto Priest) - a keeper of a shrine.

What are the beliefs of Shinto religion summarized?

The worship of multiple gods (aka polytheistic). The Shinto worship a number of spirits or kami that inhabit different parts of the world. Simple rites and prayers are used to encourage the kami to be helpful and not harmful.