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Q: Shopkeepers often keep baskets of fruit in front of a large plane mirror why?
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Usually shopkeepers keep fruit baskets in front of mirrors why?

Fruit baskets are kept in front of mirrors by shopkeepers to show off the fruit and gourmet items which are on the back of the basket, as well as to make the fruit basket and the whole shop seem bigger by giving the exact copy of the shop on the other side. It is the same reason you would put a mirror in a small room to give it the appearance of being bigger.

Is fruit baskets for kids?

yes. Fruit Baskets are superFANtabulous!

Which is correct baskets of fruits and baskets of fruit?

"Baskets of fruit" is more grammatically correct that "Baskets of fruits"However, both can be seen as correct, depending on which context you use them in.

Why do shopkeepers keep baskets of fruit in front of large plane mirrors?

because it looks nice i guess. i mean really when you see it it makes you wander and u start looking around the store for other weird things and u end up buying something, don't you.

Wha company sells gift baskets made of fruit?

Seagrass makes edible fruit baskets.

Who makes the best fruit baskets?

In my opinion the best fruit baskets come from EdibleArrangements which are available nationwide.

What companies offer fruit baskets for nationwide delivery?

There are several companies that offer fruit baskets for nationwide delivery. ManhattanFruitier designs fruit gifts to travel across the country. Mrs Fields offers farm fresh fruit gift baskets, and FerenGifts also delivers fruit baskets.

who delivers edible fruit baskets to brigatine nj 08203?

There is a FruitFlowers retailer in Westville (856) 456-4433. If you are looking for simple fruit baskets, visit this site:

Where can you read fruit baskets volume 11 online?

See related links below for a website that talks about Fruit baskets volume11

How do I find gift baskets with fresh fruit in them? and are two places I know of where you can get fresh fruit gift baskets.

What fruit is found in fruit baskets?

The specific types of fruit that are contained in fruit baskets vary from basket to basket. However, there are several staple fruits that you are likely to find in a fruit basket. For example, an orange and apple.

What is the saddest romantic anime?

Fruit Baskets

What type of fruit can be found in gourmet fruit baskets?

Almost any type of fruit is used for gourmet fruit baskets. Some examples include apples, pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and more.

Where can one purchase holiday fruit baskets?

The Fruit Company is an online company that offers holiday fruit baskets during the season. Other options are Gourmet Gift Baskets and Gift Baskets Associates. One can also usually buy holiday gift baskets directly from a grocery store like Kroger, Publix, Meijer, Walmart and more.

What is the ideal fruit to add to a fruit basket?

There are many companies that sell and deliver fruit baskets. One of the larger companies that will create and deliver fruit baskets is called Fruit to Go on Delivery. They are great and offer cheap prices.

Where can one purchase edible fruit baskets?

One can purchase edible fruit baskets in a number of places. One of the more popular companies is Edible Arrangements. They sell their fruit baskets and arrangements both online and through their 1-800 number.

Why are there fruit flies on your bathroom mirror?

From hairspray residue on the mirror. It is sweet to the fruit flies. Just wash the mirror.

What company makes the best fruit basket gifts?

"Depending on your location, you can find fruit baskets places on the web. If you have a local Edible Arrangements, they make great fruit baskets where even the basket is made of fruit."

Are there any stores that make custom fruit baskets in New York?

There are plenty of stores that make custom fruit baskets in New York. One of them is called Chelsea Fruit Baskets. They offer a wide varieties of local and exotic fruits with a variety of prices.

Are fruit baskets available from most florists?

Yes most florists will carry fruit baskets as an alternative to flowers. If you find a florists that services a hospital, they will almost always have baskets as flowers cannot always go to hospitals.

Where can I find good fruit baskets gifts?

"One of the newly popular gift fruit baskets makers is edible arrangements. They offer fresh fruit and anything from strawberries, to pineapples, to grapes to make your basket."

Where can one get information on fruit basket delivery?

Edible Arrangements is one of the most popular site for fruit baskets delivery. There are many other out their such as; You flowers, Pro flowers, Wine county gift baskets, Gourmet gift baskets, Gift baskets, and many many more.

Can you tell me where are the best places online to buy fruit baskets.?

First off you can try Google fruit baskets. Secondly you can try local supermarkets and see if they have what you are looking for.

Where can you legally watch 'Fruit Baskets' in English online?

Who is machi from fruit baskets?

a student council member with yuki