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It is up to Ciara, but I would think not considering the fact that Omarion and her ex [Bow Wow] are 'best friends'.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-14 06:14:10
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Q: Should Ciara date Omarion
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Did Omarion date Beyonce's little sister?

for a brief period of time solange and omarion were a couple

What did ciara have to do with the break up with Chris Brown and rihanna?

did chris and ciara date

Did Ciara and Lil' Romeo date?

no ciara never liked him that way only as a friend

Did bowow date ciara?


How old is Ciara the singer?

The singer ciara is 41 on the date of 2012 just like your brother said.

Did Ciara and Bow Wow date?


Who did Ciara date before?

bow wow

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Did ciara ever date 50 cent?


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Does she date drake?

No ciara never dated drake

How long did Omarion and Jennifer Freeman date?

2 years, they where never engaged though

How long did tyra bolling date omarion?

I believe they dated for almost 5 yrs.

How many copies did omarion sell on his album in 2005?

More than 758,000 up to date

Did ciara ever date again after bow wow cheated on her?


Did usher and ciara date?

yes they did go out

What date was the song Like A Boy by the singer Ciara released?

The song 'Like a Boy' by Ciara was released on February 13, 2007. It was featured on her 2006 album Ciara: The Evolution, which was her second album.

Would Ciara date a fan?

if she and the fan is truly inlove...yes...

Did bow wow date ciara?

No they didn't thats frankly gross

Will ciara beat Rihanna up if they were to fight?

do you thank ciara is mad because chris goes with rihana, and now after all that is happened do you thank ciara still wants to date chris.

Did Omarion date Jennifer Freeman?

Yea they dated for while, but they r still good friends so yeaa

Did ti and ciara date?

Fyi who ever wrote this is a lie dont be hating on ciara she not a hooker belive me and they cusions so and ciara just go wit everybody dan u a hooker who ever wroth this

Is Bow Wow and Ciara dating each other?

thay use to date