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Q: Should I go to a school that's not accredited?
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Is it important to go to an accredited cosmetology school?

You probably need to go to an accredited school in order to get a cosmetology license from the state.

Where can I find accredited law schools?

An accredited school is backed by the BAR exam. You will be able to find a job much quicker if you go to an accredited school.

Where can I find an accredited dental school?

Go to for a list of accredited dental schools in your area.

Did P Money go to school and what school did he go to?

elm park school thats were they went

What school do veterinarian go to in Oklahoma?

The accredited vet school in Oklahoma is Oklahoma State University.

How much years you must go to school for to be a mechanical engineer?

A mechanical engineer should go to college for at least four years. They should focus on math and science course in accredited engineering programs.

What college can you go to so you can become a criminal lawyer?

Any accredited law school should prepare its students for practicing many kinds of law.

Did david creig go to red pump elementary school?

yes he did thats my school

What if the school that you graduated from is no longer a school?

If the school is closed because of weather, you will not have to go to school that day. If the school closes permanently, you will have to go to another school.

Should I only go to a barber who has gone to a creditable barber school?

These should be the only barbers available, since state licensing requirements pretty much require an accredited training program.

Did Juan Seguin go to school?

thats why i am here to see this website can be trash sometimes

Where did Lydia o newman go to school?

Lydia O. Newman was from New York City, NY. Lydia is accredited for the patent for the first hairbrush for women. The patent number for her hairbrush is 614,335.