Should I ignore the man I love so he'll pay attention?


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No that's the worse thing you can do. Dont ignore him but try to get his attention flirt with him and let him now your flirting

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Yes, he will miss your undivided attention, your love. He will not miss you as person.

ignore him, you make him want you so he sees what he's missing when you're gone.

You should either ignore them. Or be there friend. I had an ex who was in love with me and all I did was ignore him and he got over me

My husband ignores me sometimes because he thinks I complain at him all the time. But it just annoys me when i ask him to do something he does not do it. Your husband could probably ignore you because you yell at him or argue you with him alot. You should try to get his attention somehow with love and talk to him. Usually after or during making love is the best way to have him talk to you.

he doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that he likes you. Guys like hiding their love emotions.

extremely disrespectful,don't bring attention to yourself,demons love dummys

Try and tell her that you love her,if she still does not show any change,then make her jealous and ignore her when she comes up to you. Dont completely ignore her,otherwise she'll completely lose interest in you! Let her grab Ure attention!!!!!!!!!!!

If you told your love negative things, you can correct them through your actions. Make her the center of your attention, make her feel loved and appreciated.

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Your crazy...and he's your BEST friend! Hell no.

you should kiss her bich okay ignore the top answer its stupid. okay this is coming from a gurl..well if you like the gurl and you give her attention and she likes it maybe she does like you but if she seems like she doesn't care then maybe she dont like you she probaly likes the attention cuz gurls love attention lol but other then that you culd still be friends with her=]

hell yeah he in love with her

don't ever ignore someone you loved. instead, end them

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