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You should shop at Sears on Black Friday, because they offer more than 1,000 doorbusters available until 1 p.m. Friday afternoon. They also announced that they will start their Black Friday sale at 8 p.m. EST on Thanksgiving Day.

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On Black Friday you should shop at the retailers where you think you will get the best deal on the merchandise you are interested in. There are many stores both in physical locations and online which will be having great sales on Black Friday.

no you should shop on the black market

Yes. Many companies/sites online are advertising specials for Black Friday.

The best time to shop for Christmas bargains is on Black Friday, the friday after Thanksgiving. You can find really good deals on Christmas bargains during Black Friday.

Amazon started their Black Friday sale early, they are having a whole week of sales, not just on the Friday. They stock all sorts of electronics and games.

Go early to the shop and run when you are in it.

It is really up to your own personal preference. Myself, I love the craziness of Black Friday, as well as all of the deals you can get. There are a lot of crazy people out shopping, though, especially in the early morning hours. Sometimes fights break out and things get out of hand. If you want to avoid that or you can't handle large crowds then you should not shop on Black Friday.

shopping until a black man shoots you on black Friday at walmart

Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. It was originally called Black Friday because so many people went out to shop that it caused traffic accidents and sometimes even violence.

This is because Black Friday signifies the start of the shopping season. As Black Friday is after Thanksgiving, shoppers will be looking to shop for Christmas. Thus with the large amount of potential shoppers, retailers will offer great sales deals to attract these shoppers to shop at their stores.

Black Friday was technically not "INVENTED" it was just a tradition that follows Thanks Giving the day after it when shoppers shop and stored open early to discounted items.

Electronic stores such as Best Buy and Future Shop have specials and sales on Black Friday, both in their physical locations as well as on their online websites. Walmart, Target and department stores also have specials and deals on Black Friday.

form_title= Sears form_header= Shop at Sears. What do you need to purchase?*= _[50] Is this a gift?*= () Yes () No Do you often shop online?*= () Yes () No

you should buy your training bra at 'the Bay' or 'Sears' or "target' first. when your boobs get bigger than you can shop at the fancier places you should buy your training bra at 'the Bay' or 'Sears' or "target' first. when your boobs get bigger than you can shop at the fancier places

No. That name has to do with accounting terms. If a shop is in the "red," it is in debt, but if it is in the "black," it is making profit. So that is the day that most major retailers start making profits during the fiscal year.

The start of the Christmas season moves earlier and earlier each year, and it eventually was "begun" by retailers on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In order to get people to shop on that day, stores began to offer significant deals and sales on that Friday. The craziness that shopping on that day has become has earned it the name Black Friday.

The day after Thanskgiving is Black Friday when stores have sales and people shop.

You can get great savings but the day after Christmas is a great day to shop.

Discount stores and specialty stores will run the best deals. Certain brands will be greatly slashed so do your homework before rushing out blindly on Friday.

There are some Black Friday deals for Sprint cell phones. Check the online and printed flyers of consumer electronic stores such as Best Buy and Future Shop. Also, stores such as Walmart and Target have Black Friday deals advertised for Sprint cell phones. has a few mini computers. Black Friday or around that time (day after thanksgiving) would be a good time to shop. Online shopping is your only hope for getting a black Friday doorbuster laptop.

Stores that primarily sell electronics will have the best Black Friday deals. Future Shop and Best Buy as well as Amazon always have great deals on TV's for Black Friday. Also check your local flyers prior to the sale day for deals.

The cost of things on Black Friday vary, depending on where you want to shop at or what you want to buy. Most of the time many stores offer about 50 - 80 % off of regularly priced items. Hope this Helps!

The place to look for Black Friday ads will depend entirely upon what sort of merchandise you are looking to shop for. However, there are entire websites that specialize in these deals. Walmart's official website is a good place to look for Black Friday ads because the stores carries such a wide variety of products.

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