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No, the ratings exist for a reason. 12-year-olds are too young.

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Can kids watch the john cena the marine movie?

yes its the best you should if you are 2 and under you should be allowed to wtch it but if not you should its again the best!!!!

Should 13 year old kids be allowed to go out?

i am olny 12 and i would go to see a movie by my self

Is anyone allowed to see a movie premiere?


How many kisses are allowed in a Disney movie?

No limit!

What does an R rated movie mean?

It means that no one under 18 is allowed to watch the movie

Can you watch a PG movie in school?

Yes you can. Every PG movie is allowed to be watched in school.

Are children allowed to watch never say never?

Yes they are allowed to because it's nothing bad about that movie

Should teens over 13 years be allowed into r rated movies?

Not without the parent. I feel it should be up to the parent if they allow the child to watch the rated R movie or not. There are some rated R movies worse than others. If the parent allows their child to go in, they sould be allowed to.

Are they going to make another Twilight movie?

No because it is a rule to make one movie at the time or after the movie is allowed to make a movie again.

Should the press be allowed to exploit the private lives of movie stars?

pro: press should be able to because the celebrities sacrifice there right for freedom. they take advantage to become more known. con: celebrities should get more privacy. they should not be able to expose there private life.

Are you allowed to use gift theatre tickets for any movie?


If you are making a home movie are you allowed to advertise in it?

a sasy fat chick

Allowed to bring a portable DVD player to a movie theater?

Why would you?

Is an 11 year old allowed in a pg 13 movie?


Is someone allowed to sell something that a character in a movie also sells?

It is.

Why is moviestarplanet not even blocking out the not allowed words i type with?

There may be a glitch that is preventing Movie Star Planet from blocking words that are not allowed.

When does the movie Devil comes out in theaters?

it comes out in 2 weeks, no Jews allowed

Are you allowed to us scene it card points on a no passes movie?

sorry no. Lol

How long is a movie allowed to be?

About four hours most and one hour least

How do you download Hindi movie in dap downloader?

some movies are not allowed to download

How can software and movie companies get repaid for the costs of developing their programs if copying is allowed?


Should movie titles be underlined?

No they should not.

What type of movie should a girl pick for a movie date?

you should pick a romantic one

Should you watch jism 2 movie with your family?

No, it is an adult movie . The name should tell you that.

Should there be a Kingdom Hearts movie?

According to my opinion, there should be a Kingdom Hearts movie. I hope if the movie comes out, I do NOT want any part of the movie to be left out( I hope)