Should a 4-year-old be able to write letters of the alphabet?

At 4 years old a child should be able to write their own name and know at least the letters in their name. Parents and teachers alike often make the mistake that some children learn seeing while others learn from listening (both are effective and there is nothing wrong with the child.) It's obvious your child would learn from seeing. Here is what you do: A = (Picture of apple) B = (Picture of a ball) C = (Picture of a cat) D - (Picture of a dog) E: (Picture of an elephant) F = (Picture of a fairy) G = (picture of a gorilla) H = (picture of a helicopter I = (picture of a bottle of ink) J - (Picture of "Jack" in the beanstalk). You have to get into a 4 year olds mind. Start out by teaching them 10 words of the alphabet at a time and keep making them repeat in (in a fun way) after you have written the letter down and the picture beside it. Once they can go through the 10 letters then start them on the next 10 until they learn that and then the next 6. Make it fun and reward them with a gold star on a special piece of paper on fridge and don't make the lessons dreary or scold, but have patience and encourage. Children grow at their own speed mentally. Many mothers worry that because their girlfriends child is doing more things than their own child that something has to be wrong with the child. Not at all! Often the children that learn slower are the ones that are extremely clever when they accelerate into high school. Teach your child how to print their name and also learn their telephone #.