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== == * No and if he is then he has too much time on his hands! It's normal for men of all ages 'to get horny' but most men are either in high school, college or working and that should be enough to take their minds of it. * Lets just be honest there is a very big difference between being horny and being in love ladies. Face it; have you ever thought about asking him why does he love me and if he can't seem to be anything but horny all the time every time he gets horny get emotional and tell him to stop it and I bet a lot of that horny like behavior will go away.

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How can a girl make a guy horny?

dirty talk, masterbation, things such as these. Answer 2: A girl can't make a guy horny. only a guy can make a girl horny

How can you tell if a guy is horny?

Boner. If his penis is hard, he's horny

Who created cockalater?

a horny guy

How do you make a shy guy horny?

get close or just begin to kiss and then he will get horny and want to do it.

How can you make a guy be horny?

What makes me horny is a sexy girl taking off her clothes.

How do you make a guy horny over the computer?

Answer Get a webcam and strip for him, that should rock his socks wouldn't you think.

What does it mean when a guy is horny?

It means, a guy wants to have sex or kiss you.

Does hugging a guy make him horny?

Sometimes it can cause the guy to have an erection :)

How can you get a guy really horny?

Tell him you love him!

Why do girls get horny when they see a hot guy?

Not all girls do, but they could if it's about 14 days after their period.

How do you turn a guy on while texting?

Girly all you have to do is tell them that your really horny and kinda trick him into talking about it

What does it mean when a guy says your annoying?

It means that you should move on, the guy isn't worth your time. You should spend time with people who enjoy you and all your quirks :)

How can you get really horny if your a guy and you are by yourself?

wank yourself.

Is it ok for a guy to finger himself what happens when he does that?

You get horny!!!

What does it mean if a guy has hard nipples?

They're horny.

How do you make a guy that isn't a pervert horny?

Seduce him

What does it mean when a guy thrusts when making out?

Hes horny

What are some way to make a guy horny?


How can you make a guy horny?

You can make a guy horny by kissing him from the lips, to the neck, going down and down... you will hear his moan and if he is breading heavily that mean's his getting to it.. and you know what to do. ;)

How can a guy get another guy horny?

grab his cock-a-doodle-doo, and give him a handjob.

How do you make guy horny?

Just gotta know what your doin. ;)

How do you tell if you are horny?

If your a guy your penis will get big and hard. "Erect"

What is a dudet called?

a guy that fells horny like me:D

How does a guy feel when hes horny?

Quite good :P

What do you do if you feel horny?

go have sex with a guy or girl!!!!! or masturebate!!!!!!!

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