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NO, i don't think so. the thing is that it doesnt matter what RH factor the guy is. what matters is yours and the babies. if you have positive, then you will be fine with whatever, nothing can hurt you or the baby. if you are negative(like myself) then all you will need to do is do blood test for the antibodies your body may produce. if the baby is negative(and so are you) then you are both fine, if the baby is positive then your body starts producing antibodies that try to get rid of the baby as if its a parasite. so then they will just give u a shot at 28 weeks, you get your blood tested every week or so for antibodies throughout ur pregnancy, and then when the baby is born they check his blood type and give you another shot if he is positive or don't give you anything.. so that's all. good luck.

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Q: Should a man be tested for the RH factor before conception?
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