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Q: Should affordable health care be available to all Americans?
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What's affordable health care for singles?

There are options for affordable health screening available to you. Contacting your local hospital or department of health to inquire about free or low cost clinics in your area is the best route.

Under the Affordable Care Act the individual mandate?

Requires all AMericans to purchase health insurance.

Why Under the Affordable Care Act the individual mandate?

Requires all AMericans to purchase health insurance.

What is an output-expenditure model?

No health insurance at all... 47 million Americans. ObamaCare/Affordable Health Care Act, passed in Congress in 2010

Are medicare hmo plans very affordable these days?

There are a variety of Medicare HMO plans that are available for all kinds of incomes. Under the new Obama health plan, everyone should be available to get a medicare HMO plan.

Where can I find a health insurance with no medical exam needed that is affordable?

Try to call the companies available in your area. The only way to find which one is affordable is by comparing their rates.

Is private health care available in most countries?

While it is available, it in not always fair or in some cases even useful and it is very rarely affordable. In countries outside of the US, people generally have public health care available.

How do you apply for national health care?

The Federal Government provides a website, healthcare, that explains the policies available for a wide range of Americans by State. It also lists details of the Affordable Care Act, includiing the fact that benefits can begin in 2014.

Where can one get an affordable health insurance in Chicago?

The term "affordable" is wide spread. Assuming you are looking for a low-cost health care, then you should visit the nearest community health centers. Those can be found in most urban and rural areas.

Paying For Health Care?

Paying for health care when you are single and living on one income is not always an easy feat. However, there are some affordable health care plans available for singles that are worth checking out.

Where can I find affordable health insurance?

Looking to change your health plan to one more affordable. Well then here is a great site for you to start looking I'm sure you will find affordable prices for your health insurance.

Who should be concerned about the health issues facing Americans today?