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No, it's all a matter of the parent's consent.

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No, violent video games teach kids about life and how it is and how it will be in the modern age...

No why should it be banned at school , it is good for the kids.

Yes kids under the age of 16 should be banned from Facebook.

uniforms should be banned because, say that the child does not have it ready and it is in the wash? its not the kids fault, its the persons fault who made the kids wear it.

Well, it depends from person to person. But i guess they should not be banned. For Mature games, we have PAL, but kids will always find a way to get the games. This means the parents should also watch out. But it's really a bad idea to ban them. Since video games are for Everyone, also for full-age people. And they want their games.

yes. because it is bad for the health of the kids

it think it should. what do you guys think?

It should be banned cause candy is bad for your mind. Kids can get headaches and there grades will go down.

Twilight should not be banned from schools because it is the best movie and book ever and it is not that bad for our kids to read!!!!!!

No, unless they're watching inappropriate shows.

No because kids like it and they will get fit.

I think video games should be banned because there are much more better things to do that are more healthy for you. Not only do they take little physical movement but they also use electricity. Kids should be involved with a sport or school. But a pro to video games is the wii. Some games on it are actually good exercise for you. Try the " WiiFit" It all depends if video games are getting in the way of better things that you can do. Certain games should be banned for a specific age group. They shouldn't be banned entirely for good reasons, because some games prevent us from acting out by satisfying our impulse for violence and as stated above, Wii games are an excellent source of exercise.

Kids are now not studying their lessons because of internet games and social media sites. It affects their studies.

Children's learning games are safe to play over the internet. You should still monitor which site your child uses and encourage them to use the sites that you trust the most.

No...that would be ridiculous and a violation of the constitution. Parents should control the time spent on them by their kids though.

No. ___________________________ I don't think kids under 13 should use Facebook because of child predators, but teenagers 13+, no.

yes because they need to lose weight

yes some times kids are put in to care

You can play with yourself on internet games, but it has to be a single player game.

Smoking should definitely be banned in restaurants all over the world. This is because smoking harms the non smokers and kids.

the arts are proven to help kids in their acidemic classes. IMPROVED ANSWER: Arts should not be banned from schools because some kids have physically and mentally problem that they can't express themselves, and art is one of the thing that helps them express themselves. :)

There is no R18 rating, but if there was it would be illegal. But if there was, there is no reason why kids should be able to play R18 games.

no. If you don't like it you can choose not to watch it. Also if you have kids you can keep them from watching it.

Or fat kids can just stop watching tv

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