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Are you talking about recepticale boxes that you plug a device into or service panel that the breakers are in?

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Should i use Recessed or track lighting?

Well, if you're blonde, I would go with track lighting. On the other hand, if you're blonde, I would go with recessed!

After the latch is released. How do you open the hood of a 2001 mercedes Benz e320?

After pulling the hood release, a plastic lever for the safety latch should protrude from the front grill 2 to 3 inches down just to the left of center. if it doesnt protrude lift the hood a little bit and it should protrude. Pull this lever while lifting the hood and the hood will open. Hope this helps. "G"

Can you convert an existing flush-mount ceiling light into a recessed light?

Sure. Get a recessed light that is designed to be installed in "old Work". You must hav eenough room in ceiling to contain the recessed light. There may be some issues in some locations where the recessed fixture may overheat if for instance there is insulation around the fixture. Light should have an over temp cutoff. There should be a template with recessed light and a built in box to wire in the power from the old light. If you carefully cut out the sheetrock in ceiling according to the template dimensions, you will be able to use the piece you remove to repair the hole should there be no room for the recessed light. If there is attic access where the new light will be installed, you may be able to use a "new Work" light fixture since you can mount it from above. Go to someplace like Home Depot or Lowes and see what they have available.

Can six recessed lights of 50 watts be on a 15 amp breaker?

Should be fine if that is all that is on the breaker.

How do you remove the eyeball recessed trim from my recessed lighting i want to install a recessed lighting conversion kit?

The trim should just pull down. Because it is a recessed fixture nothing is screwed in it is all friction fit. Most trim kits have two spring wires that hold the trim to the ceiling. Once the trim is pulled down just release the springs on both sides of the trim to remove it completely from the fixture.

What is it called when your shin bones protrude?

its called, you should see a doctor cause that's not supposed to happen! xD :P

Electrical equipment that is defective should be?

Electrical equipment that is defective should be where possible repaired and if not repairable it should be replaced.

How should a relative be and how they are?

relatives should be kind and helping and they are

How should floor shower tile meet with floor drain?

tile should slope sightly down toward the drain and drain should be recessed slightly below the top of the tile

What should the low and high end for humidity temperatures for your home?

30 to 50% of Relative humidity - the relative part of relative humidity being relative to the temperature.

What are the different electrical systems?

Electrical, bi-electrical and homo-electrical. There is also dyno-saur-electrical which you should ask your mum or dad.

Is it possible to switch an already existing website to another address?

Yes; if relative links have been used, this should be fairly easy.Yes; if relative links have been used, this should be fairly easy.Yes; if relative links have been used, this should be fairly easy.Yes; if relative links have been used, this should be fairly easy.

When your vehicle is properly parked in a straight parking space how far can it protrude into the traffic lane?

A parked car should not protrude into the traffic lane at all. Get your wheels within 6 inches of the curb and you'll be out of the traffic lane. If you have an oversized vehicle, find off-street parking.

How far should a needle protrude from tattoo gun if its for shading?

Stick a penny next to the tip and push down on the contact spring. The needle should stick out the same as the width of the penny

What should you name your article?

The title should be somehow relative to the text.

Who should you not ask to be a job reference?

a relative

Does it make a difference in coverage on your policy if a resident relative has their own car insurance?

If the resident relative has their own car insurance, this resident relative should not also be covered on your policy. If this resident relative drives your car more than on occasion, then, he/she should be on your policy as well.

Why should you study electrical engineering?

To understand and practice the Electrical engineering and finally become a good Electrical Engineer.

What is meant by relative size when choosing a font size?

Relative size is an option in the style tab. It means that the size should be relative or correspond to the others.

What should be the depth of electrical earth pit?

How do you make a electrical earth pit?

When making an electrical connection on a stove you should use?

When making an electrical connection on a stove, you should use a circuit breaker.

How do relative ethics compare to universal ethics?

How do relative ethics compare to universal ethical standards? Should ethics ever be relative? Provide a rationale for your response.

What would you do if the electrical cleaning equipment is grounded?

The electrical cleaning equipment should be grounded. This grounding is what protects the operator from a serious shock should the the cleaning equipment have an electrical fault occur.

What should be the distance between controle cabledatatransmition cable and electrical cable?

what should be the distance between instrument cable and electrical cable

Do victims struck by lightning carry an electrical charge and should not be touched?

False! They carry no electrical charge and should be attended to immediately!

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