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ABSOLUTELY not! College athletes are classified as "amateur" athletes.

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Q: Should college athletes be paid to play?
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What happens if college athletes get paid?

Do you think you have a problem with education now?? If athletes were paid to play college ball, that would be the only reason they would go, not to learn. The same would happen in high school, they would think, I am gonna get paid in college cause I can play so why do I have to learn.

How many high school athletes play in college?

0. college athletes play in college

Should college basketball players be paid to play basketball?


Should college athletes have to get good grades to be able to play sports?

yes because if anyone can play they will play suckish.

Why should athletes get paid more?

Becuz u to phat to play profesinal sports! ...and tha entrtain me

Should high school athletes be paid to play sports?

Absolutely not. Why would anyone even consider this?

Should College Athletes be exempted from normal class attendance policies?

Yes, athletes are on a scholarship to play sports. That's there main purpose of being there.

How much does the US pay it's athletes for gold medals?

They are not paid. This would mean they are professional athletes and to play they can't be paid. The athletes get endorsements from companies after they win.

Can high school athletes be paid to play their sport in a professional commercial?

i think they can get paid.

How many College athletes play football?


Do athletes get paid for competing in the Olympics?

I believe that the athletes get paid. However, if another country wants the athlete to play for them, then the athlete will be paid quite a lot of money. Some countries will pay an athlete millions for them to play for them!

Can a person go to college and play baseball and get paid?

they don't get paid in college

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