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YES because a preson thinked about that naame .....

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Q: Should copyright symbol be superscript
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What is the symbol is used to show copyright information?

The copyright symbol is a C in a circle, ©, but it should be mentioned that notification is not required for protection.

What is the symbol for a radian?

A superscript r.

Who trademarked the copyright symbol?

None. you wouldn't copyright the copyright symbol, you would trademark it.

What is the chemical symbol for bromide subscript?

It is a superscript: Br+.

What is the symbol for cubed?

The cube symbol is the number 3 in a superscript format (Any number³)

Should a copyrigtht symbol be displayed to protect the copyright?

In the US, since copyright law was amended in 1989, it has not been necessary to display a copyright notice for protection.

What does a superscript c mean?

Superscript means that the"C" represents that the "work" produced in some form of tangible matter is "Copyrighted". More over, the "work" is a registered Copyright.

What is the shorthand symbol for the Angstrom?

A small circle in front of 'A' as a superscript

Where did the copyright sign originate?

The copyright symbol consists of a C in a circle has become a widely recognised symbol. The copyright symbol was first used in section 18 of the 1909 American Copyright Act.

What does a copyright article look like?

The law has changed and the copyright symbol is no longer needed to insure the protection of the copyright owner. The symbol for copyright is: ©

What are the symbol of cube?

The usual symbol of cubed is superscript 3. So x cubed is x3.

Is there a copyright key on a keyboard?

No there is not, however, when on a word document (or other) there should be a 'SYMBOL' key. click on that and it should be in there.