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Should high schools require two years or four years of physical education?

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Everyone these days are always fusing on how kids are obiece. Well if they think that then i think that they should go to the board and agree on everyone having physical education. These parents these days don't agree on anything that the board trys to do. So I say that everyone has to have at least two years of physical education. Now parents are also fusing about how they have a diet at all these schools, I don't think that is right. If kids wants to be obiece then let them but when kids come to teachers for help about everyone making fun of them then the teachers can only say go to the board. That's just my opinion.

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Should physical education be mandatory?

Physical education in schools should be mandatory. As you can see kid are having many health problems. They are not active and fit. They dont know what they are missing.

Should private schools have homework?

Private schools should do what is best for the student's education. So should public schools.

How many sports should schools require?

they should require at least 5-6

Why should there be gyms in elementary schools?

Physical Education helps students keep a healthy lifestyle, and also combats the obesity problem in youth today.

How many hours has the government stated that all students under the age of 16 in schools should receive of high quality physical education per week?


Schools should be voluntary?

NO! it should not be for every child in life decerves a good education!

Should schools require the students uniforms?

That's a matter of opinion

What schools are the best physical therapy schools?

The best physical therapy schools are ones that allow students to practice on real people, to develop the correct skills to help people. These schools should help in placement.

Should girls and boys do physical education together?

noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! of course they should!

What schools should I look into in order to further my music education?

You have to get information about Schools as music education providers. After that, you visit those schools and meet the musicians and accredited to schools and facilities about instruments and music tools and performance record for the schools to make better career in music.

Should private schooling be abolished?

No, there is always a place for private schools, but some people think that public education should be. We need public education.

Why should a physical education student do a course in sport administration and management?

Well if you are doing physical education u should do a corse in sports administration and management because ur in the physical area and sports are probably the thing that calls for you to have the most physical ability

Should sex education be allowed for schools in india. pls mention your age and education too.thanks....?

Yes but not when your at primary

Should you change PE and call it sports education?

no because PE is short for physical education they have a sports education class already

How should you grade physical education?

Grade based on the student's participation.

Should physical Education be mandatory in Colorado?

only for chubby people

What type of education is provided at trade schools?

Trade schools provide education for specialty areas. While they by no means should be alternative options for reputable colleges, they will offer specialized training for areas like medical, education, computers.

What should public schools offer every student?

In my opinion, public schools should offer every student a well rounded education that teaches them how to think, not what to think.

How do you implement adult education?

the govt should set up free schools for adults

Why not have the same amount of time in physical education than more?

I think you should have the same amount of time than more in physical education because you can exercise anywhere!!

What were the basic principles of public education?

The three basic principles of public education are: that schools should be free and supported by taxes, that teachers should be trained, and that children should be required to attend school.

Should schools require school uniforms?

People have different opinions on uniforms but there are pros and cons about them

Should schools require their students to wear school uniforms?

Yes Then The Students Won't Be Lost

Court case that segragated schools?

"Brown V The Board of education" was the landmark case that stated that schools should be segregated "separate but equal" .