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Should home schooling be allowed?


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Without a doubt, yes it should be allowed.


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No. Home schooling is great!

In practise 'Yes' - but Home schooling is allowed.

Many parents consider home schooling. If you are considering home schooling you should find teaching programs that are accredited. There are many different teaching programs such as Uzinggo and Icademy.

That they at least go through the appropriate state tests while you are conducting your home schooling session.

YES!!!!!!!!! because home schooling is fun and no one should lose out of their learning

definitely. im homeschooled. im smart. and i love it.

Girls were not allowed to attend school in Albania so Mother Teresa was home school by her parents.

Information on home schooling can be found online at Ontario Home School, Time For Learning, TDSB, wisdom Home Schooling, Neufeld Institute and HSLDA.

Home schooling information can be found in numerous places such as the National Home Schooling Association's website. This will be a great resource if you're looking to homeschool a child.

Making the decision to home school children is definitely not something that should be done without a lot of thought. Information on how to go about home schooling can be found at Home School, PBS, and Well Trained Mind.

Classes can be found for home schooling on sites like home schools, education next and many more. One will easily find classes for home schooling on these known sites.

yes you pay for your home or condo you should do what you want

The most common reason for home schooling is that it saves more money.

Home schooling is catching on rapidly. You can get good information on home schooling at

You should contact your state's school board office for information for home schooling. It depends on your state's regulations on home schooling, and the school district that you reside in. The state and/or school district may refuse to recognize your child's prromotion/graduation if you don't follow their requirements. Many districts have "schools" for home schooling children which they "attend", and provide resources for these children. If your district doesn't have one of these, you should probably contact them first to find out what you should do.

Home schooling, charter school, or no schooling.

No, she only had some very basic home schooling. Girls were not allowed to attend schools in Albania when she was a child.

Home schooling is a decision that takes serious consideration and research to decide if it is right for your child. Special needs,military families and those who move around a lot can benefit from home schooling. Before you make a decision, it would be beneficial to contact other home schooling parents in your area and ask plenty of questions as it is only a choice you alone can make.

A schoolhouse is home education. Basically another well known term for it is "Home schooling". Most Home schooling is linked to an on campus school.

Yes! You can Home School anywhere!

Your parents must arrange home schooling. You can do some research yourself on the requirements and the resources for home schooling in order to encourage your parents that it is a suitable idea for you.

It is a parent's responsibility to ensure that a child is educated. All available options are acceptable, including home schooling.

The biggest benefit to home schooling is that you are in control of what your children learn and how and when they learn that material. "Through home schooling, your children will get more personal attention than they would be able to receive in a classroom with 20-15 other children."

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