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Without a doubt, yes it should be allowed.


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โˆ™ 2009-03-30 19:09:29
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Q: Should home schooling be allowed
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Should home schooling be banned?

No. Home schooling is great!

Does every Danish child attend school?

In practise 'Yes' - but Home schooling is allowed.

Should the government pay for home schooling?

no way...

Which teaching programs are recommended for home schooling?

Many parents consider home schooling. If you are considering home schooling you should find teaching programs that are accredited. There are many different teaching programs such as Uzinggo and Icademy.

What should I know before I decide on home schooling my children?

That they at least go through the appropriate state tests while you are conducting your home schooling session.

How many hours a day should you be home schooling?

8 to 9 hours

Where did Rabindranath Tagore got his schooling?

Home schooling

Should homeschooling be permitted?

YES!!!!!!!!! because home schooling is fun and no one should lose out of their learning

Should home schooling be permitted?

definitely. im homeschooled. im smart. and i love it.

What schooling did Mother Teresa have as a child?

Girls were not allowed to attend school in Albania so Mother Teresa was home school by her parents.

Where can one find information on home schooling online?

Information on home schooling can be found online at Ontario Home School, Time For Learning, TDSB, wisdom Home Schooling, Neufeld Institute and HSLDA.

Should you be allowed to smoke in your own home?

yes you pay for your home or condo you should do what you want

Where can classes be found for home schooling?

Classes can be found for home schooling on sites like home schools, education next and many more. One will easily find classes for home schooling on these known sites.

Where can one find tips on home schooling children?

Making the decision to home school children is definitely not something that should be done without a lot of thought. Information on how to go about home schooling can be found at Home School, PBS, and Well Trained Mind.

What is the most common reason for home schooling?

The most common reason for home schooling is that it saves more money.

How is public schooling better than home schooling?

Because your not a anti social

What is is a alternative to public and private school?

Home schooling, charter school, or no schooling.

Where can I find a sample home school curriculum for mathematics?

Home schooling is catching on rapidly. You can get good information on home schooling at

Where did Alexander the Great do his schooling?

at home

What rhymes with carpooling?

home schooling

Are the chances highter for drop out if your child goes homebound for school?

Home schooling should make that impossible.

Did Mother Teresa finish high school?

No, she only had some very basic home schooling. Girls were not allowed to attend schools in Albania when she was a child.

Where can one go to find home schooling online?

There are many websites that offer home schooling online, varying from kids to young adults. One can go to the K12 website to access home schooling resources.

Should students be allowed to go out for lunch or go home?


Should I be allowed to stay home alone?

depends on your age