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The choice is totally up to you.

A mined stone, if its colour, cut, clarity and carat weight merit, may hold a higher re-sale value than a manufactured diamond.

However, if investment criteria don't matter, but initial price matters, you should pay less for the manufactured diamond, given the four Cs (above).

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Q: Should i buy a mined or manufactured diamond?
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Which type of diamond is better to buy a natural or manufactured one?

'Better' is a judgement, and you are the judge. Both diamonds are diamonds made of carbon. A manufactured diamond is less expensive that a mined/ natural diamond.

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Does America buy the most diamonds mined in the world?

Probably not, because 80% of all diamonds mined are industrial diamonds. Every civilized country purchases industrial diamonds. Consumers in the United States, however, purchase about 50% of all gem-quality diamonds mined, according to the World Diamond Council.

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When purchasing a diamond is it possible to find out where the diamond was mined?

i think that it would depend on the jeweler.  Possibly the country you are in as well.  A friend of mine knows what country hers is from, I am unsure if she knows that exact mine.  The jeweler told her the country and general area if was found If presented with an otherwise unidentified diamond, it is not possible to tell where it was mined from. There is a "Kimberley Process" that oversees the movement of rough diamonds, but once it is cut, it is difficult, if not impossible to trace it to its origin without knowing who cut it. If your jeweler knows what supplier they bought their diamond from, it may be possible to trace it back to the mine. Some wholesalers/cutters only buy from certain sources (e.g. Canadian mines) while others are vertically integrated from the mine to the wholesaler. If you are uncomfortable not knowing where your diamond came from (e.g. conflict diamonds), it is now possible to buy a lab-created diamond. These are identical to mined diamonds and the origin is guaranteed, since they come out of a machine rather than a mine.

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What does a diamond identification mark look like?

The identification mark on a diamond looks like the brand identification mark of the diamond processor that inscribed it on the diamond. See below for, the DeBeers Forever Mark (TM), and the Canada Mark (TM) for diamonds mined in Canada. Another identification is one you can purchase from the Gemological Institute of America, that they inscribe on a diamond that matches the certificate that you buy which documents the diamonds qualities. You can also read more about this identification, below.

Can diamonds have defects?

Yes, of course. Seventy-five percent of diamonds mined are not gem-stone quality, because of their defects: inclusions of other matter pressed within the diamond lattice. Gem diamonds also have defects and flaws, unless you find one that is classified as Flawless or Internally Flawless. That is the highest grade for diamond clarity and therefore will cost you the most should you find one you want to buy.