Should it be a full stop before or after brackets?

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If the brackets surround an entire sentence then the full stop at the end of the sentence stays within the brackets. (This is the procedure you should follow.)

If the brackets only surround part of the sentence, the full stop goes outside. This is the procedure you should follow (under normal circumstances).
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Should the allies have stopped Hitler before 1939?

they should, but they couldn't. They could not stop him, because what would they stop at that time?, just a fuhrer, he hadn't do anything bad yet, until September first 1939, that's when they could have stop him, and they tried, but at that moment Italy and Japan where already protecting him. Franc ( Full Answer )

How long before pregnancy should you stop smoking marijuana?

\n\n Answer \n\n\nIf you plan to have a child, stop smoking drugs immediately! You may enjoy it, but it does do damage to the child. If you love the baby inside you, do not do any form of drugs no matter how good you think they are. That baby isn't you and deserves a healthy birth and life.\n\n A ( Full Answer )

When should you stop smoking marijuana before surgery?

One should refrain from using so that no elements of the drug are left in the body to cause complications. Even though Marijuana can be detected in urine or blood for up to a month after use, this is only because a remnant is stored in the fat cells. Active elements of the drugs are usually gone wit ( Full Answer )

What is a Full Stop?

A full stop is something you put at the end of a sentence to mark that it is the end. They are useful for when you're reading text as it shows you where to pause before reading the next sentence. A full stop is marked by a single dot. They are also known as periods.

When should I stop smoking before breast reduction?

The doctors want you to be as healthy as possible, because it is good for the doctors to perform the operation, and also it makes your body heal faster if you are healthy. At least two weeks prior to surgery.

After stopping at the stop sign before making a turn you should look?

both ways and ahead for traffic before proceeding look both ways before turning (left and right) Though traffic signals at intersections may provide a reasonable guide by which to estimate traffic patterns, do not rely on them to protect you from motorists running through red lights or STOP signs ( Full Answer )

Should it be full stop after or before brackets?

If the brackets only surround part of the sentence, the full stop should go outside, as the brackets should be inserted within an already existing sentence, e.g. This is the procedure you should follow (under normal circumstances). If the brackets surround an entire sentence then the full stop at ( Full Answer )

How long should you stop alcohol consumption before surgery?

First of all I am not a doctor. I hope cutting out the alcohol a week before surgery and using potassium replacement therapy, ie Mate' and bananas, to clean my liver and replace clotting agent will be sufficient. I don't really have a choice. Fortunately its just hernia surgery. Update: Three years ( Full Answer )

When should you stop smoking before surgery?

As long before as possible. You should stop right now. If you must continue, ask your doctor about the surgery. Why not stop before the stress gets so heavy? Hint: the patch works if you really want to stop. If not, don't bother.

Should you stop alprazolam before surgery?

Obviously everybody should check with their own doctor andanesthesiologist. I asked mine if I could take alprazolam before mysurgery. They said "please do if it helps you and just tell us thedose and time". If you google alprazolam and surgery you will findthere have been studies on its efficacy as ( Full Answer )

Do you need a full stop in brackets?

No. Brackets should be inserted within a sentence, and therefore the full stop should go outside the brackets at the end.

Should I stop drinking before starting Wellbutrin?

It is never a good idea to mix psychoactive drugs, especially when the purpose of one of the drugs is to correct a problem. If you alter the brain's function with alcohol, it will be difficult to tell how the Wellbutrin is working, and it might not work in the best possible way. Drinking also makes ( Full Answer )

When should you use brackets in a quotation?

You can use brackets in a quotation when the quotation doesn't quite match up with the sentence you've put it in, there are words missing from the original quote that are required for it to make grammatical sense, or if you would prefer to use a pronoun in place of a name and vice versa, or when you ( Full Answer )

How long before giving birth should you stop hydrocodone?

If your doctor has not prescribed the medicine, then you should not be taking it at all. Most people with a condition make compromises in favor of the baby, sometimes reducing pain medication or using something else. Make sure your doctor approves of your drug use.

When should you stop eating night before blood test?

Pssh, if you need to stop eating to have acceptable , you're in trouble. When you have work done or give , it's important to eat a little something. If you had any real sense, though, you'd ask your doctor.

How do you use full stop with bracket?

Use a period inside the bracket to indicate the sentence inside is ending. Use a period outside of the bracket to indicate that the entire sentence (before the bracketed sentence) has ended.

When should you stop smoking weed before surgery?

The earlier you quit, the greater your chances are of avoiding any surgery-related complications. It is especially important not to smoke on the day of your surgery. Fortunately, the body begins to heal within hours of quitting. Twelve hours after a person quits, his or her heart and lungs already b ( Full Answer )

When should you stop alcohol intake before a physical?

It's best to stop drinking entirely. A few glasses here and there never hurt anybody but if your worried about a physical I would stop drinking 24 hours before. It takes longer than that for all of your past alcohol to pass but I would recommend at least 24 hours.. Alcoholism, also known as "alcoho ( Full Answer )

Should you consult your doctor before stopping NuvaRing to get pregnant?

A woman planning pregnancy may benefit from talking with her health care provider about health steps to take before conceiving, including starting a multivitamin with folic acid, considering whether any immunizations are recommended (such as rubella or varicella), and thinking about whether genetic ( Full Answer )

Should you put a full-stop at the end of a figure legend and why?

Nowadays, this is very rarely done - the modern system is open; punctuation is only used when necessary. There is one situation where a full stop would appear at the end of the legend and that's when the legend contains more than one sentence. For example: . This shows Mozart and Saliari. Mozart ( Full Answer )

How long before IVF should a person stop smoking?

This would depend on the type of IVF one is having. If it is with your own eggs then at least 3 months, but preferrably more. It has been proven that nicotine and the numerous other poisons in cigarettes get into the ovaries and uterus. If it was with Donor Eggs then at least a whole menstrual cycle ( Full Answer )

Should tramadol be stopped before surgery?

Before i had brain surgery i was on large doses of tramadol. The drs didnt have any problem with me taking it the day before i went in but preferred me to be unmedicated when i went into the hospital. once i was in, they gave me all the medication i needed.

How long should you stop drinking before going to work?

Between stopping drinking and leaving for work, you should allow at least eight (8) hours, like for sleep. This will give your body time to process the alcohol, eliminate it from your blood, and for your body to recover from the mild poisoning the alcohol causes.

How full should you get your Pokedex in Pokemon Red before you have to trade?

get all of the legendarys on the game, beat the elite four go on to the battle frontier beat all of the trainers on the island and go through every route then go back home to your professer (professer oak) and he or an other prof. will come and upgrade your pokedex to the national dex then to fill i ( Full Answer )

How long before surgery should you stop alcohol?

The NHS guidance is 24 hours, for patients which are assumed to be "moderate drinkers" (e.g normally a glass of wine or two in the evenings). (Clearly, for anyone with alcohol problems or liver problems alcohol consumption should be minimal anyway, so the above guidance does not apply in these situa ( Full Answer )

How many feet should you stop before a stop sign?

Your front bumper should be on or just behind the 24" white painted stop bar on the ground. If the stop bar is missing, stop the front bumper at the location of the sign.

How long should you stop smoking marijuana before anesthesisa?

Check with your doctor first (it's confidential and very important that you tell your doctor you smoke) but marijuana shouldn't interfere with anesthesia, if you're really worried maybe have a 3 day break before going under.

When should you stop drinking liquids before bed?

That really depends on the person. Different people have differing digestion rates, so it's important to monitor how you feel after drinking something. If you are drinking caffeinated beverages, it is better to drink them early in the day, as the later you ingest caffeine, the longer it will affect ( Full Answer )

Should a full stop be placed after etc?

It would be correct to do so. It would be better to try and not use the abbreviation at all and to define whatever else is similar

Should you get trays or brackets?

Well, you should get trays if you don't want any pain, but they arenot that predictable. Trays can move one of your other tooth andthat would a problem. Brackets hurt after a while, but theystraighten out your teeth, and you only have to where them for ashorter period of time. They are close to simi ( Full Answer )

Should you stop taking sulfasalazine before surgery?

The Internet is NOT a proper source of detailed medical advice. IFyou are about to undergo surgery then you are under the treatmentof a Doctor. You should tell this doctor ALL about the drugs youare taking and the Doctor will advice you regarding appropriateaction.