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Middle school student should be able to go to there locker a certain amount of times during the day. This is so that the student does not have to carry all their books around.

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Q: Should junior high student be able to go to their locker during school?
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Why should they search lockers?

Yes and No. yes because the student might have drugs, weapons,and alcohol. No because the student might be wild, but they may not have any reason to search the students locker. They should be allowed to search their locker with a reason but without a reason they shouldn´t be allowed to search their locker.

What is the locker question?

Supose you are in a school with 1000 lockers. student #1 opens every locker student #2 opens every second locker student #3 opens every third locker supose all 100 students go. which lockers are open and which are closed?

Is it legal for a student to go through another studens locker?

It would be illegal for a student to go through the locker of another student without getting prior permission.

Can a student go through another students locker is it legal?

A student cannot go through the locker of another student without getting permission. This is illegal and they can be charged with theft for taking items that do not belong to them.

What do you do in a locker room at junior high?

Get Dressed.Shower.Go to the bathroom.Yell at each other/talk.

If contriband is found in a students locker and the student was not asked if it was ok to search their locker can the contriband be used against them?

Yes. Yes.

How many students need a wider locker in Junior high?

I need a bigger locker at my school we don't even have enought for everyone to have one so some have them and some don't!

How do you know where to find your locker at school?

On you locker key you should have a number which will help you no which locker is yours! xxx

After you finish courses that provide certificates you can send yourself the certificates from the Student Locker?


Do you think 6th graders should change in a locker room?

Sixth graders should be getting changed for physical education. Most of these kids will be hitting puberty and be getting sweaty during class. As for if they should change in a locker room, I do think they should. Would you rather them change in front of their whole class?

Does a student have the right to search a students locker?

definetly not, it's an invasion of another persons privacy!

How do you rig a locker?

Put in your combination and then open up your locker but keep the lever up do not let go then on the inside of the locker there should be a part where you locker will lock but put a piece of paper or eraser in there