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Q: Should kids be able to use cell phones if they feel sick?
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Which of the current phones in the market feature gps locate?

My teenage daughter is asking for a cell phone, I would feel more comfortable if the phone had the gps locate feature so that I will be able to monitor her. What current phones have the gps locate feature?

What are the top cell phones on the market?

The most important thing about a cell phone is that you feel good using it. If you want a cell phone based on proffessional standards, you should consider an HTC or a blackberry since they are often used by big companies. Nexus phones and IPhones are preferred by app developers since it's the same company that is manufacturing the phone and the operating system.

How do parents feel about having cell phones in class?

Cell phones have no business in schools. Social networking and texting(sexting) can wait until after class or after school. It's sad when students carry faster PDAs than the school computers.

Cell Phones for Seniors?

Cell phones have greatly been affected by technological advances. Often, seniors can feel intimidated by all the different features and applications available on cell phones. A cell phone that has simple features and applications enables seniors to use the equipment comfortably. A phone that has numerous applications, Internet access, games and other features can easily confuse anyone just getting used to this type of technology. These seniors need cell phones that do not require numerous steps to take advantage of the different features and applications.

Can you cell old cell phones?

Yes. You can sell them through eBay or Craigslist or even specific websites where they can give you a quote and you can accept or decline if you feel the price isn't right.

Why do some people feel that humans should be able to use forest resources?

Because they feel that since they can, they should.

Can you replace cell phone batteries?

Feel the phone. Although most phones get warm to a certain degree during normal use, phones with dying batteries get unusually and noticeably warm even in standby.

Should you be able to feel your baby move at 19 weeks?

You should be able to feel your baby move between 16-20weeks. if this isn't your first pregnancy then you will be able to distinguish 'baby' movement even earlier

What is better the iPhone or Driod?

Answer 1: I phone:) Answer 2: Actually, I think they are both great phones. You should really find out which one works for you. Sorry if I was no help, but I feel that if you are thinking of buying a new cell phone, you should compare the two yourself. Hope that somewhat helped you out :)

How can you tell when your bunny is about to give birth?

she should feel fatter than usual, and if you feel on her right side gently, you should be able to feel from 1 to about 12 little bumps(these are the heads). Also if you feel her belly you will be able to feel little teets, these are to feed the babies milk when they come out

What are the advantages of cell phone?

mobility. You are able to take your phone wherever there is coverage, also newer cell phones offer great additional features like a camera, music player, and browser

Should middle schoolers have cell phones?

he textMax and I are trying to figure out whether should Middle schoolers have a cell phone. I think yes because students can use their cell phones in case of an emergency and need to contact their parents/caretaker. They can also use their cell phone if they need a ride to and from their friend's house students to need to have a cell phone. Some students like to take advantage of their cell phones. Plus you can track their phone just in case they are in danger. T says " You don't have enough time to keep your child occupied all the time". I think students should not have cell phones because sometimes students like to cheat during their tests. Also if students have their phones they might be on them during class. If students have their phones I think teachers should take them so they student can pay attention in class. Sometimes when students are on their phones 24/7 they get poor grades. The text says " Cellphones can very easily lead to peer pressure". Also, the text says " Due to cyberbullying students might feel unsafe and lead to Suicide". it is great for students to have a cell phone for a few reasons if they walk home alone or if their parents are at work they can go home also lots of kids have a cell phone in middle school and maybe they want to talk to their friends.

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