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Q: Should kids finger themselves
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Should kids be able to express themselves?

yes they should be able to express themselves because that's how they grow. kids can develop, by showing themselves by how they look or how they act. but u have to make sure the kid stays in line.

Did Barney stick up his middle finger?

yes!He was showing the kids his fingers and was like this is my thumb this is my pointer and this is my middle finger and he stuck up the middle finger at the kids!

At what minimum age should kids be getting up and going to school by themselves?


Can teens be bathed by their parents?

no way, teens should be mature enough to bathe themselves, they are not little kids

Why dont some kids talk to their parents about themselves?

All kids should talk to their parents but some don't which is a bad idea. Kids should always come to their parents first or god. God is our creator and can always solve our problems.

Should alcohol be sold to all ages?

No, because little kids, and teenagers, can get drunk and hurt themselves or others.

When should kids work?

Children should work when there ready. It also depends on the circumstances that they are in. For example: wealth of guardian, income of themselves, and the state there in at the moment.

Should there be a dress code for high school and middle school or should people express themselves by how they dress and wear to school?

There should be a loose dress code, which would let kids express themselves with what they wear, but ensure that they don't go overboard.

Should school have a dress code?

no because kids need to express themselves or they will feel like they dont belong anywhere which will kill their dreams. our kids are our future and should not be restricted their 1st amendment right!

Should kids get nail tips?

i thank when your 11 and up you can get some but it up to your parent to get some for little girl i thank they should get there finger tips done before real nail and that what i thank

Can kids go into space by themselves with kids at mission control?


How big is a human finger?

a kids finger would be about 1000 cm and an adults would be 1 cm