Should kids know about sex?

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They should be taught about the 'mechanics' of sex - yes. HOWEVER - they should also be taught that under-age is ILLEGAL (which always seems to be overlooked in schools) ! Perhaps if kids were made aware of the penalties of under-age sex - they'd think twice before creating babies!

I still remember being given a sex-education class as part of my Biology lessons at school when I was 12 (more than 35 years ago) - I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20 - which I'm quite proud of!

2018-04-26 16:42:48
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How old do you have to be to know about sex?

many kids get to know sex at a little age idk 8 or 10 but it should be 15 or 16. They get it from siblings friends movies and much more.

What should a virgin know?

a virgin would know alot about sex. im a virgin and i know a great deal about sex.

When did he have kids?

He had kids when he had sex

What are some Spanish word kids should know?

I think some Spanish words kids should know are hola, chao and adios.

Should kids have cell phones?

I think kids should have cell phones if they know what and what not to do with them .

What should you know about your friend?

her/his name and age and sex

What age should boys know what sex is?

Guys should know what sex is at about sixth grade but parents may introduce the teaching of certain apsects a little earlier.

What to know about sex?

Sex should always be done safely. Using condoms and birth control are great ways to have fun during sex but also being safe at the same time. What you should know about sex is that you need to protect yourself and your partners.

Should kids be having condom sex at ages 11 - 17?


Should kids be ashamed of there selves for beleving santa?

yes. kids should be ashamed of there selves. they should know that santa is there father. :(.

Why you should have same sex schooling?

So you can know about the oposite sex so you can understand about them as well.

What do preteens do in sixth grade?

im a sixth grader and alot of kids start smoking and getting into drug use or boys start pushing their girlfriends to have sex!!!!!! i should know

What are some Jesus sites for kids?

no Jesus is sacred and kids should not even know about him

How do you know that if the girl is excited for sex or not and how you can excite them for a sex?

Well, if you want to have "a sex" with a girl, first you ask her whether she wants kids or not. If she says "no," then she doesn't want a sex and doesn't want you. The inverse if she says "yes."

What should you know if the boy is a not a virgin but you are?

You should know that you will need protection to have sex with this boy. There is a saying: "Your sex partners are my sex partners." This means that if anyone that boy has had sex with has had a disease, then you could get that disease by having sex with him. This is how sexual diseases are passed along. If you are thinking of having sex with someone who has had sex with other people, make certain that he wears a condom every time.

What do kids need to know about cyberbullying?

kids need to know that is you are cyberbullied you should tell a trusted adult and cyberbullying is when you are bullied online

What are some sites you should know about?

The sites you should know about(for your kids),(teenagers) and lots other.

Why is sex education not good for young kids?

The reverse is true. The more sex education kids get the better decisions they can make and the better sex they will have.

What should kids know about bullying?

they need to know that bullying can get many people to hate you

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because some kids know what they r doing and are smart but adults and politicians think they should not because they r not as important but the kids will be important in the future!!!

Can kids go out?

yeah anyone can go out with anyone if they want...i heard theres these 7 year olds who were going out...shocker, i know.You should not be going out if you re 7 you should hate people of the opposite sex from when you are 1 till you are 10

Should kids rate kids movies?

ABSOLUTELY !!! the best way to know if a kid movie is good or not is by surveying kids or have them rate it !!!

Can kids get aids?

yes. if kids have sex and/or is sharing w/ some one who has the virus or has been kissing, or SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX OR HAVING SEXUAL CONTACT and if they have aids SOL. (SOL: SHITT OUTTA LUCK!)

Should kids with asthma be able to play sports?

Yes i know plenty of kids who play sports with

Why do you need an adult to do first aid as soon as possible?

because adults know more then kids, and if that adult has kids he/ she should know what to do if their child was in danger.