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Not one human has been able to define "love". I believe love is respect for each other, you can't live without each other, you laugh and dream together, prepare for a future together and know in your heart 100% that you will be there for each other. I have been married for almost 33 years, still love my husband as much as ever, and we have fun, make each other laugh, we love to do things together and oh yes, we do have our arguements, but I never stated that any of us were perfect. LOL We are also attracted to each other physically, sexually, then later we settle down and begin to see the real person. Sometimes the magic goes out of the relationship quickly, but there are times that you really find that special someone. I sure hope you do. In some cultures your husband or wife is already chosen for you by your parents and in-laws to be. This is a very difficult problem because young people are fighting against the old ways. If this is the case and you were born or have lived most of your life in the States or Canada, then I do feel you should marry who you love and not who was chosen for you. If it's wealth you are looking for, you'll cheat yourself. Money is great, but if there is no love involved then infidelity is almost 100% going to be in your life. We can't pretend to love someone when we don't. I'd marry for love over money anytime. There are times you may get lucky, find someone you love, and money is not an object and that's great too. Here are a few good hints to help you: It's important the person makes you feel happy inside and vice-versa. Sex should always be there as well and it is something to be enjoyed. The person you are in love with strives to get a decent education and has a trade or a career. Money is the root all evil and you don't want to be fighting over money through your married life. He can be in construction, an electrician, plumber, etc., and does not necessarily have to be working in a corporation with a high paying job. Please remember, that if you meet someone that works in a corporate aspect you will see little of them. To make a lot of money you have obligations and have to work many hours. So, how lonely do you want to be? Good luck Happy New Year Marcy Marriage should be based on several factors, love and respect being the most important ones. Falling in love is the easy part, it's making it work and being committed that take effort. "Should marriage be based on love or other factors?" Love maybe a factor but it is also a partnership that should be looked upon as a business agreement. Everyone must bring something to the table. "Love... should be looked upon as a business agreement." Untrue. A true loving marriage should never rely on who can or can't do something. If you go into a marriage expecting certain things to happen, then it is more of a contract than a covenant. A marriage is not meant to be looked at as something that "he does this, she does that" but should instead be "WE can work together to make things happen."

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Q: Should marriage be based on love or other factors?
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