Should parents be able to pick your friends?

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I Dont Know Because .. For One They Dont Haveto Play With YOUR Friends But They Dont Want You To Be Friends With Nasty People, SO I Dont Know!!

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Q: Should parents be able to pick your friends?
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Is it necessary for your family to invite themselves over to your friends and stay the night when your friends parents do not like it?

It is rude for parents to invite themselves over to your friends parents home without an invitation. There is no reason you can't enjoy time with your friend without your parents being there and the only time one of your parents should come to your friends home is to pick you up to bring you home. However, it is up to your friends parents to say something since they find it annoying.

How do you get a package without your parents knowing?

Get the Package delivered to a friends house and pick it up from there

How do you get packages without your parents knowing?

Get the Package delivered to a friends house and pick it up from there

Why should students be able to choose their own classes?

i think they should not be able to pick

Should a 4th grader have a phone?

Yea Because say if they were like shopping with their friends or something if their parents allowed them to they could get lost and then if there’s nobody that can help them they should like call the parents to come pick them up or say if you wanted to have a sleepover and your parents didn’t have your friends parents phone number I just called your parents I’m done and I got a phone when I was in second grade

Should students be able to pick the books they read in school?

Yes, children should pick their own books, it is up to the teachers to remove violent or age-inappropriate books. Even if the student can not take an Accelerated Reader test on it, they should pick their books. The parents and teachers should be glad that their child or student takes an interest in reading.

Is it true that you don't get to pick your family but you do get to pick your friends?

No. Although almost no one is allowed to remember it at 'birth' everyone is allowed to Puck their parents but most babies don't realty understand and pick the closest ones. We do pick our friends too but in a more obvious way

Can kids learn to like activities that are forced upon them by their parents?

Yes they can. they are able to easily pick up actions and follow their parents

Could children pick their bedtime?

No. That will not happen. At least, your parents pick. Should you pick your bedtime when you're a child? No. They do not pick. Until you're 18, you do not pick your own. Remember that.

Is learning things from your parents a good thing?

If children pick up a bad habit from their parents, it's bad. If children pick up good habits, however, it's a great thing. A child should be able to learn from their parents.Yes. It's good to learn from your parents. Unless they're in trouble with the Law. Then you must be cautious.

How do you pick a child's God Parents?

A Christian should pick godparents who are also born-again Christians, who are solid in the faith, as they are responsible for continuing the child's training in the faith should the parents become incapacitated or die.

How do you travel with date in middle school with parents?

Im going to guess you mean How to travel with your parents and your date in middle school. It all depends on your parents, if their strict with dating, say your going out with a few friends, have your date in the car and when you reach your destination, say their all inside (this works with my parents, and only works on indoor dates). You should be able to walk in and have them pick you up later! If their not strict, tell them, they will probaly drive you both werever you want!

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