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It depends. If a person on probation is anticipating routine drug tests, some consideration should be taking before using salvia. In most US states and countries, salvia is legal, so an person on probation may legally smoke it if they wish. Even if a person resides in a place where salvia is illegal, it is not commonly tested for. However, getting caught with salvia in a state where it is illegal can impact your probation. Other than legal issues, whether or not a person uses a substance depends on their individual values and preferences.

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2011-03-02 11:01:37
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Q: Should people on probation smoke salvia?
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What is the effect of salvia on asthma?

You should ask that to your doctor, salvia is used by smoking it, though salvia's smoke is not unhealthy as cigarette's are, any kind of smoke is bad for people with asthma.

Is Salvia Bonfire the kind of Salvia you buy to smoke and get high?

Salvia bonfire and other salvia varieties are not safe for smoking or getting high. People are dying from trying to smoke chemically altered vegetation.

Can you smoke Victoria blue salvia?

Yes but there is better salvia

Can you smoke salvia nemorosa?

You could smoke Salvia nemorosa, but it would likely not produce a psychotropic effect.

Can you smoke purple salvia?

Yes but most people have a bad experience doing it.

Can you smoke salvia stems?

Yes you can get high off the salvia stems.

How do you smoke salvia extract?

Using some sort of water pipe is the preferred method. Flame should be on the Salvia the entire time. Hold the smoke in for 20-30 seconds. Be somewhere safe, prefereably sitting down with other people around to help and guide you.

Can you smoke the salvia plant from you nearest growing store?

You have to make sure is the right species. You can only smoke Salvia Divinorum, you can ask the teller about it. Another way to smoke salvia is getting some extracts.

What do you do with salvia divinorum extract?

smoke it

What smoke shops sell Salvia in Minnesota?

Smoke shops usually get bad quality salvia, I suggest you to try an online store.

What shops in Baltimore sell salvia?

Smoke shops usually get bad quality salvia.

Can you smoke salvia insense?

that is what you smoke but the strong stuff is not for beginners sorry

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