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It's important for children to get exercise, and usually they get it through physical education. However, there are other alternatives like dance class or team sports. It's important for children to have a break in the school day though.

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That all goes down to opinion but if you want my answer, I'd say that is SHOULD be mandatory. Americans are known by other countries to be fat and lazy, and our obesity rate only justifies them saying that. Taking out education completely would just make matters worse.

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Q: Should physical education be an elective in middle school?
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Physical education during stone age?

Feudalism was during the Middle Ages. Physical Education started in the early 1800s. Children exercised by working with the parents in the Middle Ages.

Does Inman middle school have uniforms?

No. James Workman Middle School (JWMS) does not have a school uniform only for physical education (p.e).

What has the author Crystal Gorwitz written?

Crystal Gorwitz has written: 'Teaching healthy lifestyles in middle school PE' -- subject(s): Health education, Curricula, Physical education and training, Study and teaching (Middle School), Study and teaching (Middle school)

What are the names of each class in middle school?

Each middle school is different in terms of classes, but here are pretty much the main classes most middle schools offer:* Algebra * Pre-Algebra * English * Geometry (available in most middle schools, but not all) * P.E. (Physical Education) * Science (Life, Physical, etc.) * Elective (Electives vary greatlyfrom middle school to middle school)

Can you change middle school electives?

You can change middle school electives during the first day. The office may ask you why you are dropping that class or why do you wanna change the class. Good luck changing the elective !

Should you go to a private Jewish school or public middle school?

If you're Jewish you should get a Jewish education.

What is significant of physical education?

Physical Education is primarily taught in middle and high school. It has many purposes, mainly to provide inactive students with some activity to keep them in shape. In addition to healthful purposes, with the absence of recess, gym provides a much needed athletic escape from a hard day of studies. Overall, gym, or PE, has many purposes from keeping kids healthy to providing a fun escape from classes, gym is a much needed class.

What middle school in Paterson should you go to get a good education?

Aha, alexander hamilton academy

Is there private education systems in the middle colonies?

Yes, there was private education in the middle colonies.

How is it in middle school?

Middle school is different from elementary. I'm a 5th grader and I'm about to go to 6th grade in middle school in about 5 months, in August. You have language arts, math, social studies, science, physical education, life skills, and elective classes you can choose. There are band, orchestra, art, chorus, drama, technology, music, Spanish, and study skills classes available. You are starting a new school life. Five years in elementary is over, and now your going to three or more years of middle school. You might have heard of bullies in middle school, and all the drama going on there, but it's not always true. Some people are scared of middle school, but there's nothing to be afraid of. So, how is middle school different? The lockers, better food than elementary, lots of teachers rather than one or two. You will have a lot of opportunities. Take notes and don't be afraid. My middle school is strict, especially our dress code, but you can buy pizza for $1.35. Something else, our physical education is so much better than elementary. That's how it is in middle school.

Do children's muscle's develop as they grow?

Yes. The Child is Provided Physical Education in Elementary School,Middle,High,Ect. Therefore is very active.

Is there a school for only chamorros?

no but in some or most schools on Guam teach Chamorro such as Andersen elementary/middle school as an elective.