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Should poetry be put in quotations?


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no they should not

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You put them in italics, not quotations.-Annette

They should go around quotes within your sentence.

yes you should to show proper grammar!

According to, you put them in quotations.

Edward Bysshe has written: 'The art of English poetry' -- subject(s): English Quotations, English language, Versification 'The British Parnassus' 'The art of English poetry' -- subject(s): English Quotations, English language, Versification 'The art of English poetry'

Yes, you would put "Mayflower" in quotations because it is an actual name of a boat.

Quotations should fit into sentences:contextually.grammatically.

The title of a website should be underlined Italic or normal, not in quotations.

when you put a quotation in a sentence you use quotation marks for the quote

N. S. Ashukin has written: 'Krylatye slova' -- subject(s): Aphorisms and apothegms, Quotations, Quotations, Russian, Russian Quotations 'Pesenki' -- subject(s): Children's poetry, Russian

Quotations should be used on a paper when using a direct quote, a title, a song, and a newspaper name. If one is using quotations on the paper they should use commas.

With the MLA format, prose quotations over four lines and verse (poetry) quotations over three lines are indented one inch or two pushes of the tab button.

Yes. Most quotations are multiple sentences long.

you have to put it in quotations

NOPE. Poems are put in quotations

They are placed inside the quotations in American English. They are placed outside the quotations in British English.

Well, quotations are these little things that look like this " and they go before the sentence starts and after the period at the end. However you only put quotations on a sentence that a person is saying like "Hello, my name is Emily." Not She put the book on the shelf.

No. It could be capitalized, such as Death, but no quotes.

painted poetry is a form of poetry ,you draw a picture and put your words around it

Use quotations in your draft because they lend validity and immediacy to the writing.

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