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it depends if its the poison and the antidote or not. if it is, then yes, so the antidote cancells the poison out, but if it isn't, then no, two poisons would just make things worse.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 17:15:58
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Q: Should poisons get back together?
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How should the containers of Part I and Part II poisons be labelled in Hong Kong?

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What kinds of medicines can be legally kept and supplied by authorised seller of poisons in Hong Kong?

As of 31/12/2016, authorised sellers of poisons are allowed to sell non-poisons, part 2 poisons, part 1 poisons, part 1 schedule 1 poisons, part 1 schedule 1 schedule 3 poisons, antibiotics, and dangerous drugs.