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Should schools serve healthier lunches to prevent more children becoming obese?


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September 13, 2011 1:59PM

This topic has been brought up at my middle school alot which i am attending with their dredfully unhealthy lunches but the thing is that they should but healthy isn't cheap and my school has a very low budget to the extenet that they cut off sports and are going to cut off all the music and arts programs they already cut off half the Unified arts from last year.So Its all depending On your schools budgets but also think about it some kids can Make lunches at home but like me i have no time but i just skip lunch because a vegiterian and schools arnt vegiterian friendly and i don't have time and 2.I never have time so It more or less depends on the budget and the child.The child needs to be able to control themselves and know whats right and whats wrong but also the schools need to get their budgets better before anything else.