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They shouldn't ! Passive smoking kills !

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Emilia Bartell

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2y ago
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Q: Should student be allowed to smoke in the classroom why?
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Should you be allowed to smoke weed at school?


Should you be allowed to smoke on school property?

Yes, you should be allowed to smoke on school property. As long as your away from people who dont want to smell the wonderful smell of burning tobacco, you should be allowed. At my school, you are allowed to smoke in the parking lots which is a good idea. It keeps kids from sneaking around school smoking in places that maybe they shouldnt.

Why should children not smoke?

it is worse for young people and its strictly forbidden and you should know children are not allowed to smoke,drink alcohol ex extra

Is Smokers should not be allowed to smoke in public places?

They should be shot on sight for self defense from assault.

How do you create harmless smoke in a classroom?

you just don't...

Should people be allowed to smoke in public places such as parks?

If it's outside-sure.

Is a student allowed to smoke off of school grounds?

No - as the most logical explanation can be that mostly students at school are under age and are not legally allowed to smoke at that age.Moreover, smoking in public places with other students around can increase the risks of second hand smoking for the non-smoking students!!! not at all..

Do they smoke weed on airplanes?

You are not allowed to smoke ANYTHING on an airplane.

Are county inmates allowed to smoke?

In some counties, yes. However, even when inmates are allowed to smoke, in many instances this is only allowed outdoors.

Should teens smoke?

only if they want to take a health risk and teens over 18 only are allowed

Is it allowed to smoke inside companies?


Should smoking be alloud in public places?

No, smoking should not be allowed in public places. Mainly because not everyone is a smoker. People who do not smoke, should not have to be around it if they do not want to be.