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Not in class. Maybe at lunchtime. Teachers don't want kids jumping off the walls (not literally).

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Q: Should students be allowed to drink sodas in class?
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Why school should not regulate what students eat or drink at school?

so you don't trash the class room

Why is it fine for students to drink root beer in class if it is fermented?

Because it gets them drunk and happy

Should people be allowed to drink and drive?

of course not, it should be banned.

Should be children allowed to drink water at school?

it depends. it can leak/break/open and can possibly ruin papers, etc but the custodians would clean it up and plus the teacher should trust the students more.. or it can make students stay in class more because they can't say they want to get a drink. your choice. Or if the students throw empty water bottles in the hallways. Well some schools are a green school so they should have a contest from which class should recycle the more water bottles and so they can put the water bottles and save trees. Or what if the students put nasty chemicals in the substance. We should only be aloud a clear contanor with only water so if the teacher sees the botttle she will know its not water. =] (although they may have to use the restroom!) ;] Some positives is that the schools water may be nasty or its on the other side of the school. Water bottles would be helpful or what if students for get a doctors note when the have a soar throat. Teachers coudl also have indevisial water botles for students so they don't miss any class if they are thirsty. It is also heatheyer if students have there own water bottles instead of drinkign from water fountians. Water fountains carry germs that causes diseases to spread. So its definite that water bottles should be allowed in class.

Is it illegal for a teacher not to let a student get a drink in AZ?

Teachers act in loco parentis in the classroom. This is a Latin phrase which means "in the place of the parents" or "instead of the parents." It means that teachers are the guardians of the students at school. Generally, they are allowed to direct student behavior in a way that a parent would, generally for the safety of the student and in the context of the school rules. You seem to be asking if a student has the right to leave the classroom to get a drink of water during class. The teacher can probably regulate this. You would have to check the school handbook to find out if students have the right to drink (water?) during class or to leave class in order to get a drink of water. My guess is that it is up to the teacher.

When is kids allowed to have alcohol?

the age for legal alcohol drinking by students or children is different in each area. usually, the normal age if some child being allowed to drink ranges between 16 - 20 years.

Are you allowed to drink alcohol on Huntington Beach?

No, you are not allowed to drink/have an open thing of alcohol on the beach.

If a person was made entirely of chocolate would you eat or drink their blood?

No. A person should be allowed to live.

Can you drink and smoke in theatres today?

no in most theatres you are not allowed to drink and absolutly no smoking. and where have you been anyway? most people should know this you welcome, will silvia

Are children allowed to drink if it's given to them by their parents and the are supervised by there parents?

Yes, they are allowed to drink if they are supervised.

What should be the legal age if marijuana was legalized?

18 and so should alcohol if your old enough to vote and fight for your country then you should be allowed to drink at 18

Why should children not smoke?

it is worse for young people and its strictly forbidden and you should know children are not allowed to smoke,drink alcohol ex extra