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Q: Should students be involved in making class rules?
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How many students should be there in class 4?


Should students be able to express public displays of affection in school and why or why not?

The Question about anything that students can or can't do should be seen through this lens, does it distract from learning? clearly two students making out in the middle of class does distract from learning however at lunch or in the halls between class, that's fine it doesn't harm any one and doesn't distract from learning.

Why should students have their phone taken away?

Because it is a distraction to teachers and students in the class.

Why should students be able to use a calculator in math class.?

Students should be able to use calculators in math class because it is needed to know how to use a calculator.

Should iPods be listened to in class?

students should listen to ipods during class because im awesome

Should students have to walk in class when traveling as a class?

Of course not, this show independence and responsibility

Should a teacher discuss his or her social and political view to his or her students in class?

No. Not even if relevant to class.

Is it correct to say 'the class is answering the exam'?

Not exactly. The correct sentence should be as follows:The class is busy in attending the examination.orThe students in the class are busy attending the examination.orThe students in the class are busy in writing their examination.

Should students run or stretch first in PE class?


Should India have a common board exam for students of std 12?

yes there should be a common board exam for students of class 12 .

Why you should not talk during class?

It distracts other students from learning the material being taught in class.

How does class size affect learning?

the number of students in a class to the number of teachers affects the student to teacher ratio. the number of students should be low just so the students that need personal instruction get it.