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Q: Should students run or stretch first in PE class?
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What should be removed when there is an accident in class?

The students should be removed first. If one is injured, that one will be helped by medics. Everyone else should leave in the manner they are told to.

Why should a first baseman be tall?

So that he can stretch further

How many hours is a American Heart Association CPR AED first aid class?

The total time to take a CPR AED First Aid class will be approximately 8 hours, depending on how many students are in the class and the ability level of the students.

Students who do not log in to their electronic classroom during the first week of class will be administratively dropped from the class without penalty?


What percent of the student in mrs frenchs spanish class are not hispanic?

During the first term of the school year, Mrs. Farache had 24 students in her French class. In the second term, there were 31 students. What is the percent of change in the number of students?

Should students be protected by the First Amendment?

Students, as well as anyone in the United States, are protected by the First Amendment.

What did Jeanne do on her first day of class that amazed one of the students?

Jeanna spoke English perfectly

How do you use bitstrips for schools?

first your teacher has to sign up for it then adds students. then teacher will tell the class the class name then they have to enter a password

Is first suppose to be capitalized in your first class on Monday is French?

No. It's not necessary. It should be--- Your first class on Monday is French.

What are the tips for teaching in a class room?

Teaching in a class room requires a teacher to first be receptive to the students. Secondly, interaction between students and students, and students and teacher allows for a diversified view of the topic at hand. Thirdly, many times there are no right or wrong answers, so, the teacher must be aware of this and also let the students be aware of this.

Can you get examples of opening prayer for a school class please?

It is illegal under the establishment clause of the First Amendment for any employee of a public school to lead students in or require students to pray. Do not open your school class with a prayer.

What creature does Professor Lupin have his students fight in their first Defence Against the Dark Arts class?

A Boggart.