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Most Plastic Surgeons will not consider cosmetic surgery on minors. You need to be at least 18 before you can seriously be consulted for most procedures.

In younger teenagers the body is still going though changes and cosmetic surgery may not be appropriate.

Also, cosmetic surgery should not be entered into lightly. Teenagers may not be in a position to make such desicions about their own health.

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Q: Should teens get cosmetic surgery
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About how many US teens got cosmetic surgery last year?

about 785,900

What should I know before undergoing cosmetic surgery?

You should know all the risk associated with cosmetic surgery before you undergo any.

Who should a person contact to receive cosmetic surgery information?

For cosmetic surgery information one should contact their local plastic surgery. One could also find out information from organizations such as the NHS in the UK.

Should cosmetic surgery be banned?

obviously not!!!

What should you do to have bubbly cheeks?

Cosmetic surgery

Pros and Cons of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery can give you a boost of confidence when a perceived imperfection is corrected. It can improve relationships as a result. There is no doubt that in the right hands, cosmetic surgery can greatly improve physical appearance. However, cosmetic surgery should not be entered into lightly. If the decision is rushed you may end up disappointed. Also, not all cosmetic surgery operations turn out as expected. Some operations have to be performed more than once to achieve the desired results. All cosmetic surgery carries risks , risks that are associated with any kind of surgery. You should ensure that you are fit and well enough to undertake cosmetic surgery first. Be realistic in terms of your expectations. Plastic Surgeons are not magicians and they can only work with the canvass that is put in front of them. Many people expect too much from cosmetic surgery.

Should dental cosmetic surgery be covered by insurance?

no because dentists are so busy if cosmetic surgery was covered we would have to wait much longer for urgent treatments

Where can one find information about the safety of cosmetic surgery?

The safety of cosmetic surgery can be found among various websites across the web. It is crucial to read any warning information you may see. Every opinion and statement counts and should be considered when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

How does cosmetic surgery help diabetes?

I have known of Patients who report that their diabetes has improved after some cosmetic surgery procedures. In particular weight loss procedures. If have diabetes and you are considering cosmetic surgery you should see your fmily Doctor first, especially if he is managing you diabetes

Did Marilyn denis have cosmetic surgery on her face?

Yes she did have cosmetic surgery.

Is cosmetic surgery biblically wrong?

No. The Bible doesn't mention anything like Cosmetic Surgery. It depends on who you talk to. Persons who have been injured or have birth defects and need Cosmetic Surgery. It would be unmerciful to forbid them surgery. It you're referring to things like a 'boob job', each person should go by their own conscience.

What are some potential complications of ear cosmetic surgery?

There are many potential complications of ear cosmetic surgery that one should be aware of. These include infection, poor healing and severe bruising.

What is the purpose of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve a patient's appearance.

Is surgery for arthritic fingers considered cosmetic?

It is unlikely to be considered as cosmetic surgery

When was Cosmetic Surgery Live created?

Cosmetic Surgery Live was created in 2004.

What are the strenghts and weaknesses of cosmetic surgery?

discuss the strenghts and weaknesses of cosmetic surgery

What should I know before agreeing to receive any form of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery carries the same dangers as regular surgery. You must be prepared to follow the doctor's recovery instructions and treat it like a real surgery. Most importantly, you should know side effects and risks. You should know cost, recovery time, and what you should and should not do to recover properly.

What can cosmetic surgery do to you if it goes wrong?

Most people have cosmetic surgery to feel better about themselves. If the results aren't what they expected ( doesn't have to go wrong ) then it can lead to huge disappointment. That's why anyone considering cosmetic surgery should do their homework very well and make sure that they are clear about what can and cannot be achieved. Apart from this , it should be remembered that cosmetic surgery carries risk , just as any other type of surgery. These risks include poor healing, infections, haematomas, seromas and more.

Are there any reasonably priced cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills?

No, generally if you are getting cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, you are going to be paying for the location. If you want to get reasonable prices, you should look elsewhere or travel a little ways to get your cosmetic surgery done.

Is cosmetic surgery deductible?

I have known some professionals deduct the cost of their cosmetic surgery. Mostly these are people in the entertainment business. You should check with your accountant and make sure that you get an invoice from your Plastic Surgeon

Where can you have cosmetic surgery at age sixteen?

Anywhere with parental consent. I am 17 and have had cosmetic surgery.

What is the duration of Cosmetic Surgery Live?

The duration of Cosmetic Surgery Live is 3600.0 seconds.

I'm thinking about having a cosmetic operation done. Does anyone know where I can get some information about laser surgery?

The FDA's website has some information on cosmetic laser surgery. That's a great place to start. is a great site that deals with laser surgery, cosmetic and otherwise. You should check it out.

Why is cosmetic surgery a bad idea?

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery must have considered all the risks and complications as well as the benefits. Cosmetic surgery is a bad idea for those who rush in without considering all of the facts first. No body should get cosmetic surgery for one if god wanted u that way he would of made u that way but he didnt so dont be going changing yourself around!

Where might a person learn more about the cosmetic surgery liposuction?

More information about cosmetic surgery liposuction could be found in local cosmetic surgery clinic. Wikipedia has very informative article about liposuction surgery as well.