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No! This was a random accident and was actually caused by the dog (pulling on the leash). There was no negligence on the part of the veterinarian. You are basically suggesting insurance fraud - which is why insurance rates are so high!

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A sidewalk borders a rectangle play area The play area measure 20 feet by 14 feet The width of the sidewalk is 2 ft What is the perimeter of the outside border of the sidewalk?


Does Tesco offer insurance outside of the UK?

From what I can tell Tesco does not offer services like home and auto insurance outside of the UK, but traveler's insurance is available to foreigners outside the UK.

Can you really cook an egg on the sidewalk?

When it is really hot outside and the side walk is hot.

How do you cook a omelette on the sidewalk?

uhhh, it has to be REALLY hot outside, and I wouldn't recommend eating it!

What does a restaurant with tables outside mean?

It means that the restaurant is just a restaurant with tables outside and inside It is called sidewalk cafe service.

What are physical and chemical changes?

physical: what changes on the outside chemical:what changes on the outside

Does offer insurance outside of Australia?

"They do not offer insurance outside of Australia, but they do offer insurance to every state and territory in that country. They also offer travel insurance to travelers overseas."

Is the sentence it is so hot outside you could fry an egg on the sidewalk a cliche?

No, that is an exaggeration, or hyperbole.

Does renters insurance cover your stuff when outside your house?

There are different types of insurance, may be the insurance cover you are opting doesn't cover your stuff when you are outside the house premises. In that case you should ask your insurance agent to provide that insurance to you.

What does 'side walk cafe' mean?

It is a small restaurant which has seating outside on the sidewalk in front.

What is the name of the place on the sidewalk where you can put your mail?

In America, a mailbox on the sidewalk is where personal mail is put into a box outside a person's house.In Britain, mail is put through a letterbox set in the front door.

If an American is in Nigeria with a three year old son does he need an insurance to travel outside of Nigeria?

No. He does not need an insurance to travel outside of Nigeria.

Alteration of the physical form of a drug outside its label is?

alteration of the physical form of a drug outside its label is called compounding.

Can you receive disability insurance living outside of the US?

Speak with an insurance agent. There are carriers who provide coverage outside of the U.S. Read the policy materials carefully.

How did cole hurt peter in touching spirit bear?

Cole smashed Peter's face all over a sidewalk outside of school

Is it legal to drink alcohol in outside in NYC?

depends on what outside. if you are at a sidewalk bistro you can (maybe because the restaurant owns that property). if you are on your own and want to drink while walking down the street, maybe not.

Is a water drops formingon the outside of glassis it a physical or chemical?

This is a physical change.

Please show work. A sidewalk borders a rectangular play area The play area measures 20 ft by 14 ft The width of the sidewalk is 2 ft What is the perimeter of the outside border of the sidewalk?

If the side walk is 2ft wide then the total measurement of the area is 22 ft by 16 ft. [ 20 ft + 2 ft by 14 ft + 2 ft] the perimeter of the outside border of the sidewalk would be 44 ft + 32 ft [(22 ft x 2) + (16 ft x 2)] for a total of 76 ft.

What are the physical features of an asteroids?

they have a brown outside

In what ways would it help me to have medical insurance specifically for traveling outside of the US?

Many health insurance plans do not provide coverage outside of the United States; if they do, it may not be a full coverage. Also, specialty medical insurance for traveling abroad can cover situations that your medical insurance will not, such as medical evacuation.

Why would salting the sidewalk in the winter be potentially damaging to any plants that grow along the sidewalk?

Because the water from inside of the plant's cell diffuse to the outside of the plant. It happens because the concentration inside of the cells is higher than the salting from the sidewalk, so the cell become shrink trying to even the concentration. Most plants will die during this process.

You have many moths in bushes along your sidewalk What are they from?

Some moths like light so if u have any lights outside, turn them off!

What are some compound words using the word side?

beside sideways inside bedside alongside roadside sidewalk outside seaside

Is water droplets forming on the outside of a glass with ice a physical or chemical change?


Can outside lighting lower my home owner insurance rates, and if so, how much would I need?

I'm trying to get my home owners insurance lowered. How much outside lighting will I have to get to have my rates lowered?