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What is a carby??? If you mean carburetor then the answer is no. The carburetor body should not move.

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Q: Should the carby on a 1990 golf move when you apply sideways pressure to it?
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What carby runs on a 88 lancer?

yasmin carby

How tall is Fanny Carby?

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Who is leon carby the soccer player?

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5.5 Honda lawn mower that only starts when you put gas down the carburetor?

Close choke (if equiped), if not, consider servicing the carby or the fuel pump. * This answer is answered in assumption that it runs after start. If you have to put petrol down the carby to keep it going, consider servicing/replacing the carby

Why would a 1973 Volkswagen bug keep stalling?

Take out the idle jet on the side of the carby and give it a good blow out. If this fails clean out carby. Another quick fix that sometimes works, take off aircleaner rev motor hard and put your hand over the top of carby. Your hand will be sucked down and this will usually dislodge any blockage in carby. Remove your hand before motor stalls!

How do you de-restrict a hyosung gt650?

On these type of bikes its a physical restriction in the carby i think all you need to do is to take out the carby sliders. if you want you can replave them with the ones from the sv650

Do EFI Systems run lower fuel pressure than Carby systems?

Just the opposite. Carbs usually run around 7-9psi on the street. Fuel injection runs 40+.

Bike wont start and petrol leaking out the bottom of carby?

Ok, check to see if there is water in the bowl underneath the carby. To do that remove the screw from the bottom of the bowl that is connected to the carby. Also remove the bowl on the bottom and make sure there is a gasket(round thing) around rim of the bowl this is what seals. Check spark plug to insure that it is dry.

What would cause 2001 mustang cobra to not start?

its got toothpaste in the carby

How would you fix a stuck throttle on a dirt bike?

i find usually its the carby... either u need to lube up the cable, buy a new spring for the carby as it mite just be old and to weak to pull the cable back down or if all else fails just buy a new cable.. cheap fix... but if its not the carby.. i cant help ya lol

EFI Systems run lower fuel pressure than Carby systems true or false?

If you mean carbureted systems , that statement is FALSE Fuel Injection system pressures are a lot higher than the old carbureted systems

Where is the fuel pump on a 1986 Mazda 626 LX?

on the back of the block next to the carby

Diagram of aisan carby vacuum hoses for 4kc Toyota motor?


Does a Holden 161 have the same manifold of a 186?

Yes, difference is in the throat size of the carby

350 holly carby why is it flouding?

your needle and seat are bad, it can be changed with out removal of the carb.

How can you clean and check auto choke on 3.9 falcon motor?

start car then spray carby cleaner around the top of the carby and down into the jets while holding the throttle to about 3000 rpm the revs will die a bit when u do this so keep holding the throttle open until revs pick back up if the choke is working properly it should be fully open at operating temp

Where does a transmission Vacuum go?

it goes to the inlet manifold or to a vacum outlet on the carby (if it is not fuel injected)

Your seagull 4 hp 2 stroke outboard motor will not start just keeps backfiring through the carby any suggestion78s the carby has just been serviced engine no LLS231?

It sounds as if your engine may be out of time, I would check for a sheared flywheel key.

Your Ford Laser ghia 1600 keeps flooding when starting what could be the problem?

Firstly, only push the accelerator down once before starting. Use a torch and check the sight glass on the side of the carby to see if the level of fuel is at the center. If not, then you will need a new'Needle and Seat' in the carby.

What could cause a car to whistle when warming up?

most likely cause will be a vacuum leak at the carby or inlet manifold gasket. it will need a new gasket. hope you find a reputable mechanic, it shouldn't cost more than $100 if it is the manifold gasket but the carby gasket could become very expensive.a secondhand carby would be the cheaper option. answer don't go for second hand carb, u may have same problem. make sure choke and choke operating diaphragm is working correctly

Why would my 86 bronco 2 stall when put in gear?

Try checking the intake manifold or carby for a vacuum leak.

How do you put the throtle cable on the carby on a ttr90 Yamaha?

There is a hook on the end of the slide hook it onto the loop inside the carb.