Should whale hunting be banned?

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2011-10-13 02:03:59

whaling should be banned because they are Beautiful creatures

that are becoming extinct because of us humans be on the other hand

they are used for a lot of things. Very few whales of every kind

are left. We should protect them.

Not hurt them.

teeth- piano keys,buttons,jewelry

sinews- used for tennis raquets


oil-sperm whale oil taken from bone and skin used for high grade

alcohol,shoe cream, lipstick,ointment,crayons, candles, fertilizer,

soap, and animal feed

skin- belts, shoes, bags

baleen- umbrellas, horse whips, shoehorn

We can see whales do have a practical use when it comes to using

their remnants to create objects to aid us.

Anti-whaling campaigners say that whales are amongst the most

intelligent of mammals and it is therefore morally wrong to kill

them for food. Most of the research on mammal intelligence has been

carried out on Bottle nose dolphins and while they scored highly in

some research, it is nearly impossible to duplicate these tests for

whales, probably due to the fact their numbers are so small.

With that said, the campaigners must have little evidence as to

a whale's intelligence.

I will try to be unbiased in my answer, whaling should be banned

because it is causing whale to become endangered and could lead to

their extinction, this would be bad because whales fill a niche in

the ocean that if left open by their extinction, could have drastic

and harmful effects on the ocean's ecosystem

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