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whaling should be banned because they are Beautiful creatures that are becoming extinct because of us humans be on the other hand they are used for a lot of things. Very few whales of every kind are left. We should protect them.

Not hurt them.

teeth- piano keys,buttons,jewelry

sinews- used for tennis raquets


oil-sperm whale oil taken from bone and skin used for high grade alcohol,shoe cream, lipstick,ointment,crayons, candles, fertilizer, soap, and animal feed

skin- belts, shoes, bags

baleen- umbrellas, horse whips, shoehorn

We can see whales do have a practical use when it comes to using their remnants to create objects to aid us.

Anti-whaling campaigners say that whales are amongst the most intelligent of mammals and it is therefore morally wrong to kill them for food. Most of the research on mammal intelligence has been carried out on Bottle nose dolphins and while they scored highly in some research, it is nearly impossible to duplicate these tests for whales, probably due to the fact their numbers are so small.

With that said, the campaigners must have little evidence as to a whale's intelligence.

I will try to be unbiased in my answer, whaling should be banned because it is causing whale to become endangered and could lead to their extinction, this would be bad because whales fill a niche in the ocean that if left open by their extinction, could have drastic and harmful effects on the ocean's ecosystem

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Why should whale hunting not be banned?

it should not be banned because they are a typical source of food and other sources for tribes.

Why should whale hunting be banned?

Because whales are very endangered! Only about a million are left!

How do you introduce that fact that hunting should be banned?

Hunting will never be banned and should not be.

Should whale hunting be banned even if just for a sport?

To my mind, hunting purely for sport is much worse than hunting for commerce - at least commercial whale hunting has a purpose, to use the whale products. However, I leave it to the experts to calculate whether some species of whale could sustain hunting, some certainly cannot at present.

Is whale hunting banned in Norway?

Yes the are the are endangered and we need the whales

Why should fox hunting be banned?

It should be banned because it is unnecessary, ineffective and cruel.

Why whale hunting should not be banned?

one reason whale hunting should not be banned is becasue in some countries whales are considered food just like in others we eat other animals like cows and pigs etc so its just like a cultural delicasy* Just as long as the whaling is kept firmly within that country's territorial waters, and the whale they hunt isn't endangered. lmaoo i cant spell sorry :)

Should fox hunting be banned?


Should hunting be banned from Ontario?


Should dolphin hunting be banned?

Dolphin hunting should most definitely be banned, because they are lovely animals, and we don't need them for food or clothes. Therefore, they should be just left to live freely.

What is the fine for whale hunting?

it is a 120 dollar fine for whale hunting

Is whale blubber a ingredient in gum?

Definitly not. Yes it was, until they banned whale hunting "whaling" in the 20th century. Today the ingredient is most likely from a tree or man made.

Is fox hunting banned in Scotland?

No i dont think so, but it should be!

Why is the hunting of a tiger banned?

The hunting of tigers is banned because they are an endangered species.

Is fox hunting banned in Ireland?

No fox hunting isn't banned in Ireland !

Why do the Japanese hunt whales?

== == == == The official reason that Japan gives for whale hunting is "scientific research". They say the only way to determine the whale's age is to kill it. The purpose of the "research" is to prove that whale populations have improved enough to allow commercial whaling which was banned by the International Whaling Commission in 1986. However, the whale meat is sold as a delicacy. It is likely this is the real reason for the whale hunting. In recent years activists have disrupted whale hunting in the arctic.

When was fox hunting banned in the UK?

Fox hunting was banned in the UK in November 2004.

What is the most popular country for whale hunting?

Japan and then Norway are the top whale-hunting countries.

Has whale hunting increased or decreased?

Whale hunting has decreased over the last few decades.

Is foxhunting banned?

Fox hunting is banned in the UK.

Who are the stakeholders in whale hunting?

Many companies and people benefit from whale hunting. Restaurants, markets, the hunters all benefit from the hunting of whales.

Is deer hunting banned in the UK?

Deer hunting was banned in 2004 because the deer were going to be extinct.

What has been done to protect whales and seals from hunters?

Most countries apart from Japan (and Iceland?) have banned whale hunting. And with the request for seal furs dropping seal hunting isn't much of an isssue these days.

Is whale hunting necessary?


Why shouldn't animal hunting be banned?

Animal hunting shouldnt be banned because chickens never learned how to swim