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Q: Should you adopt a puppy from a close friend if it just went through parvovirus?
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If you and your best friend want to become sisters can you do it through a contract?

No, unless your parents adopt your best friend or vice versa.

Can your friend's family adopt you?

only if your friend's mom is hot

Do you get an imaginary friend if you adopt a baby on sims 3?

Yes of you adopt it as a baby

Why you should adopt a gorilla?

You should not

How can i adopt my best friend?

you go to the adoption center and pay them the money and then you adop your friend

Should you adopt a hedgehog from an animal shelter?

Yes. You should adopt a hedgehog from an animal shelter.

Can you legally adopt a 16 year old?

Yes, you can adopt a 16 year old legally. My moms friend did.

Happy aquarium who to get penguin?

You have to adopt it off a friend's wall

How can your best friend's mom adopt you?

Yes, if she signs adoption papers.

Why should you adopt a dolphin?

You shouldn't

Should you adopt a democracy?

of course

How do i adopt a child without going through a agency?

It is not possible to adopt a child without going through agency unless you are adopting your relatives child.

Why should you adopt a dog?

you should adopt a dog because when you do you can sometimes save its life before it gets put to sleep

Can you trade Webkinz online after adopting them?

No you can't trade pets when you adopt them. You can buy a pet and give the code to your friend as a gift. But when you adopt it is yours to keep

The best place to adopt a dog?

well idk but u should but a dog from a breeder but u should a adopt a dog from shelters too

Do you have to be a member to adopt an animal for the world wildlife fund?

No, anyone can symbolically adopt an animal through WWF.

What if you adopt from an orphange?

Yes? You still have to go through an agency.

Are penguins available as free gifts in farmville?

No you can adopt them if a friend posts it on their feed for adoption.

What age can you adopt a hamster?

you should adopt a hamster when its a baby. i dont know why but everyone says its better

When you are 18 can you adopt someone?

yes! my friend might adopt me and she just turned 18. it is legal in many states to adopt at age 18 if not all states. Any more questions? Email me at

How does one adopt a cat in 2013?

One can adopt a cat through a shelter by contacting them and asking them to check your suitability for cat ownership. They will then talk you through the process. Alternatively, you may buy or rehome a cat privately through adverts on the internet or local newspaper. You should ensure you know how to care for the cat properly before adopting it.

Can a friend who is 18 legally adopt a minor?

Not in most states in the US. They require someone to be at least 21 to adopt, as well as meet the support requirements.

How do you get squids turtles and penguins on happy aquarium?

there are turtle, squid and penguin available for adopt, if your friend found any lost orphan by click on the adopt you will get a chance adopt orphans sources:

Should Singapore adopt the use of solar energy?


Should the UK adopt a codified constitution?

No. It is not a requirement.