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Can you bathe guinea pigs ?

It sounds very silly but "Yes" you can bathe guinea pigs i have two of my own i have a 5 month old male guinea pig and a 2-3 month old male guinea pig and they live in the same cage. I would only bathe the oldest one you have if you have more than one. The age would have to be 4 months or above because the babies get very scared.

This is how you bathe a Guinea pig:

1. put your guinea pig on the side next to a sink.

2. run WARM not hot warm water.

3. put warm water on your hands and gently smooth him.

4. do NOT drench the guinea pig only so hes a little damp and Do NOT add water on his face.

5. get a hair dryer and put it on the warm or cool mode on a low setting so its not blasting out.

6. smooth him whilst holding the hair dryer by him. DON'T put the guinea pig back in its hutch/cage until it's 100% dry or he can get ill.

That's how you bathe a guinea pig.

Look up bathing Guinea pigs on YouTube, there are plenty of informative videos there.

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How do you shampoo a guinea pig?

What i do to bathe my guinea pig is to get a large bowl, a sink, or the bathtub and put about 5 or 6 inches of water in (maybe even less then that) Then put in one tiny squeeze of guinea pig shampoo just so there is tiny bubbles around the side of the tub you are using.Use a soft cloth or your hands to bathe your guinea pig. Hold your guinea pig to make it feel secure,it won't drown, and it won't run away. Then gently and thoroughly dry off your guinea pig when finished.

Can a guinea pig be bathed if she is pregnant?

You shouldn't bathe a guinea pig anyway unless they are absoloutely disgusting. So it would be even more stressful for a pregnant guinea pig. Unless instructed by a vet or she is really dirty, I would say no.

Are guinea pigs allowed to be bathed?

Yes, guinea pigs can be given a bath. In fact you should bathe your guinea pigs once every one to two months- just be sure to use specially fortified guinea pig or rabbit shampoo when doing so.

How do you speak guinea pig to your guinea pig?

there is no guinea pig talk just talk softly to your guinea pig so it doesn't get frightened.

What does it mean when your guinea pig doesn't eat?

A guinea pig may be unwell if he or she doesn't eat. The guinea pig may be stressed, have a vitamin deficiency, or some other problem or illness, so the guinea pig should be taken to a vet.

Can you use baby shampoo to bathe a guinea pig?

Yes. Baby shampoo is mild and gentle, so it will not harm the guinea pig's fur or skin when it's bathed with the shampoo.

What can you use to cure a guinea pig of fungal skin infection?

My guinea pig has got it, we tried using talc but that makes them itchier so now we bathe him every other day and put fungal cream on his itchy skin.

Should i get a rabbit or a guinea pig?

rabbits gets very large and guinea pigs stay small so if you want a pet to stay small then get a guinea pig

Can you house a hairless guinea pig with a normal guinea pig?

yes if the hairless guinea pig has no illness SO run your guinea pig down the vets to see. NO IF THE HAIRLESS GUINEA PIG HAS A ILLNES

How old is a guinea pig when old enough to swim?

Guinea pigs generally don't like water, so you shouldn't make them swim. Never put a guinea pig in water that is too deep (ie the pig can't stand in it). Be very careful not to get any water in the pig's ears. It's not necessary to bathe young guinea pigs. If you neeed to bathe them for some reason, wait until they're at least 6 months old.the person who has writen that answer is very smart. I'm a guinea pig expert and I totally agree with his or her answer. it is sensible and remember they can swim but they don't like to so don 't try it at home!

Should you bathe a guniea pig?

I always give my guinea pigs baths when they get stinky. It helps to soften their coat. Just make sure that their fur dries in a warm place so they don't get cold.

How often do you have to clean a guinea pig?

If you mean bathe, then every 2 months or so but if they are really dirty, then bathe them. If you mean grooming, then every day for long hairs, and once or twice a week for short hairs.

What house should a guinea pig live in?

Your Guinea pigs Cage should be Big And roomy for space and also have secluded areas For hiding, such as a House. i would get a wooden house so she/he can chew on it. I have one for my Guinea pig and she loves it!

What should you do if your guinea pig dies?

If you have two guinea pigs and one of them dies, then I would get another one if the remaining guinea pig is about 2 years old or less. make sure your new guinea pig is a similar age to the old one because if it is not, then you will have to buy another guinea pig when the old one dies and so on.

What kind of medicine could you give a guinea pig if its sick?

First of all, you should not give a guinea pig ANY MEDICINE unless you are a licensed guinea pig vet or a vet specialising in guinea pigs, and you shouldn't go to an online vet as these are not always correct, so if you think your guinea pig is sick take it to a VET

How do you put a harbnes on a guinea pig?

Do you mean a harness? If so, it shouldn't be put on in the first place... You should let your guinea pig have supervised floor/lap time :)

When is the time of year when you give guniea pig a bath?

You should only do it in warm weather so that your guinea pig doesn't get a chill. But if a blow drier doesn't affect your guinea pig you can do it at anytime of the year.

Can you bathe a guinea pig in human shampoo and conditioner?

Guinea Pigs should be bathed in low, warm water, with baby shampoo. Hold your Pig while bathing, or put in a little basket so then you can wash him/her easier. Keep the water/soap out of his/her eyes, and when your done dry her/him.Conditioner is not really needed, your Guinea shouldn't get knots in its fur or anything. Shampoo should work fine. Special Guinea Pig made soap, or shampoo is okay, but make sure not to get any in it's eyes. Johnson's shampoo I do not recommend, because some of the contents could hurt your Guinea. Get the 'Tear Free' kind, and that should be great.

Why does your guinea pig hate you?

Um mm... my guinea pig loves me a lot so yea

Why can't your guinea pig breath?

I can here my Guinea Pig breath it sound so cute

Will your guinea pig get hurt if it jumps down 19 inches?

Most likely yes, but only the Guinea pig can tell. You should observe it carefully. Does it move, eat and drink as normal? If so, you (and the guinea pig) were lucky. Otherwise, see a vet.

What should you do if you step on your guinea pig?

If you accidentally step on your guinea pig you should definitely check to see if he or she is okay. You don't want to have an injured guinea pig , so if you see that it could have gotten seriously hurt (broken leg, hurt in any not-too-good way) you should call or go see a vet.

Do you need to potty train your guinea pig?

Is it going to be sitting on the toilet? just clean the cage that the guinea pig should be living in, every couple of weeks, or so often.

Why does your female guinea pig get restless?

it is not just the female guinea pig. all guinea pigs need exersise but never ever get a running wheel for the guinea pig their backs are so sensitive.

Can a guinea pig have a collar?

A guinea pig wouldn't need a collar unless you were to walk it, which is not common for many reasons. So yes, a guinea pig can have a collar, but I do not suggest it.