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Usually it makes that noise because it is scared. If the guinea pig is a newcomer to your house, do not stress it be starting to play with it the minute the pet shop staff gives it to you. It doesn't know you, so be patient and let it gain your trust. ---- well not realy because my two ginea pigs squeek 24/7 there just talking to us

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If you guinea pig penis hangs out for a long time should you be concerned?

No, but the pig should be!

Should you be concerned about your guinea pigs change in stool?

call a veterinarian and they will be able to answer the question for you

What noise does a guinea pig make when it cries?

A squeaky,shrill noise,although it doesn't cry tears.

When do you give a guinea pig a bath?

guinea pigs are fairly clean animals. u only need to give your guinea pigs a bath every 1 month. u can also use squeaky clean spray on guinea pigs.

Who should you do an animal report on a guinea pig or a cat or a dog?

I have all three and I would say a guinea pig because they have a lot of strange characteristics like being a rodents but also diurnal.

Should someone be concerned about their guinea pigs if they find small beetle looking insects crawling through their fur?

Can be mites or lice. Get it treated.

What happens when your guinea pig vibrates?

when your guinea pig vibrates it is actually good it means that their happy when they vibrate they also usually makre a strange sound they do this when their happy it's really strange but that sound and vibration is just your happy guinea pig purring.

What happens if you drop a guinea pig from 5ft?

Two possibilities: 1) nothing happens. 2) guinea pig is injured and you should visit the vet immediately. Carefully observe your pet and if you notice ANY strange behaviour (limping, strange movements, etc), then something is wrong. Remember, they have delicate, gentle bones.

What purrs like a cat?

Guinea pigs give off a squeaky purr noise when being held or pet. This also happens when they are happy.

What sounds do guinea pigs make?

haha awww guinea pigs my cousins have two of them and they make cute squeaking noises kinda like "wheek wheek" noises. They remind me of squeaky piggy noises. :D

How do guinea pigs have a hardtack?

Guinea pigs can have heart attacks by eating to much unhealthy food like us! But if your concerned about your guinea pig having a heart attack i recommend you to take your guinea pig to the vet!

Do guinea pigs have same fur as hamsters?

no hamsters have fine silky fur, guinea pigs have hair - like people - its strange but true

What sound do guinea pigs make when their fighting?

Guinea pigs make strange sounds... Sort of like unhappy squeaking mixed with a screech.

Do dogs eat guinpigs?

Yes, they will eat any rodent. You should keep your guinea pig away from strange dogs. Dogs will hunt small animals like these.

Dry guinea pig ears?

Put some moisturiser on their ears. It sounds strange but it does help. Guinea Pigs have very sensitive skin, especially on their ears where they can get sunburnt.

Will a guinea hen breed with any wild foul?

the guinea fowl is native in some part of the world, and there it would be considered "WILD" HERE IN THE U.S. THE chicken does not have the shape for the intercourse with the guinea...but strange things have happened...but not common

Is it bad if you scare your guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are easily frightened, and you should avoid scaring them, but accidents do occur.Your guinea pig should be fine if it scares.

Should you get a guinea pig or a chinchilla?

Guinea pigs are more active.

How many guineapigs should you buy?

You should buy a pair of Guinea Pig.If you don't want to breed your Guinea Pigs,you should buy two male or two female Guinea pigs.

How do you know if a guinea pig likes you?

well one thing is that your guinea pig would not run from you in a cage and would not bite you. My sister's guinea pig always squeaks when it hears something familiar of my sister. Like, the certain squeaky sound that her door makes. Also when she walks by. Another thing is that Trixi (the guinea pig) chatters or purs when my sis pets her, but only when my sis pets Trixi.

How old should guinea pigs be before having babys?

NO NO Guinea pigs should not be bred so dont do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Should guinea pigs eat Bib lettuce?

guinea pigs should only eat romaine lettuce.

How long should you brush your guinea pig?

you should probably brush your Guinea Pig for about 5-10 minutes

How long should you hold your guinea pig for?

your should hold your guinea pig for about 30min to an hour each day

What should I feed my guinea pig?

guinea pig food =] muslie or nuggets