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Should you buy a Fujitsu ST3400 battery?

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August 19, 2008 8:23AM

Well, I too almost bought a Fujitsu ST3400 battery! But what you want to do, you decide yourself. Some people buy an extra battery just because it will act as a backup for them when the primary ones runs out of juice. A typical battery lasts about 2 hours before it goes down. I have a feeling that if you buy the battery separately from DELL, the price is dearer? Did you check that one out? I think it's in the accessories section of their website. A nine cell battery is a good choice because my colleague bought DELL's six cell battery and her battery goes flat very quickly. It also depends on what you do in the time the laptop is being used, the power saver options on my laptop determines how long it keeps going. Maybe there can help you: So what do you do then? The lifetime of a battery is about 5 years or so.