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iPhone 4S is easier to use, but it depends on which Htc, I would say the iPhone 4s


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This is a very interesting question. The answer is quite simple and easy to find. The HTC Arrive is better than an Iphone 4s. The bills are cheaper and the HTC has more features.

Each phone has its advantages. If you prefer the Android platform or would like a carrier that doesn't off the iPhone, then the HTC Mytouch 4G would be better then the iPhone 4S for you.

Do you want a phone? Buy an iPhone. Do you want a small computer? Buy an iPad.

HTC Inspire 4G is a excellent phone. Keep it if you have it please. Upgrading is the worst option. The iPhone is amazing trust me. If you have an HTC that is fine , and if you have a iPhone is much better.

They are both great phones, however even though I am an apple user I feel that the HTC has a much smoother feel to it, and although I have no complaints about either phone, I am trading in my iPhone 4s for the HTC Surround next week.

Whether the HTC Sensation is better than the iPhone 4S is really a matter of personal opinion. However the iPhone 4S does have some features that might make it more attractive. It does have a larger storage capacity, a better screen resolution, and the Apple operating system.

On Three you can buy smartphones like the IPhone 4, 4S & 5, the Samsung Galaxy 4S, the Samsung Galaxi 4S mini, the Black Berry Curve 9320 and the HTC one.

iPhone 4s is obviously better than HTC Rhyme. Not only made by Apple (legendary and rest in peace co-founder Steve Jobs), it also very slick and ita has more storage compared to HTC Rhyme.

You should get the htc evo 4g lte. bigger screen, faster processer, tons of storage, automatic kickstand. isnt it obvious which one is better?

Yes. The iPhone 4S is amazing. Siri is really accurate.

Some of the features of the Nokia Lumia 1020 are much better than those of the iPhone 4S, so I believe you should go with the Lumia.

The iphone 4s desigh as same as iphone 4, so you needn't worry about that ,my girl friend's iphone 4s use my iphone 4 case (buy form all the time, I prove the iphone 4 case is fit to 4s

Apart from the colours and the different memories you can buy, yes they are the same.

Yes, you can now buy the iPhone 4S unlocked direct from the Apple website

I'm pretty sure that the white version of the Apple iPhone 4S would be better than the black version of the Apple iPhone 4S because the black iPhone 4S is known for getting hotter much faster than the white iPhone 4S, and you can see the white iPhone 4S much easier than the black iPhone 4S. The price is the same for both iPhone 4S models. You can get both models of the iPhone 4S at Best Buy from $50-$200, depending on if you do or don't have a new 2-year contact or not. If you have Virgin Mobile (which I don't recommend), the iPhone 4S is $450 (very expensive, not worth it). I'd recommend either iPhone 4S model if you don't have a lot of money and don't like a larger screen (iPhone 5).

Personally, I prefer the Iphone 4s-but that may be beacuse im biased since I've only known the Iphone, but put it this way, the Iphone 4s is much more popular

The Apple iPhone 4S only comes in two colors, white and black. However, there are many cases available to buy for the iPhone 4S, which come in numerous colors.

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In AmericaiPhone 3GS (8gb) - FREE (with contract for AT&T)iPhone 4 (8gb) - $99iPhone 4S (16gb) - $199iPhone 4S (32gb) - $299iPhone 4S (64gb) - $399Unlocked iPhone 4S (16gb) - $649Unlocked iPhone 4S (32gb) - $749Unlocked iPhone 4S (64gb) - $849

Yes. Both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S work on Verizon's network. However, you will need to buy the version of the 4 or 4S that is compatible with Verizon.

The iPhone 4s is the 5th iPhone that Apple has made.

Yes, an iPhone 4S will fit an iPhone 4 case. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases can be used interchangeably.

You can buy the iPhone 4S with a wireless service plan or unlocked and contract free. For more information, visit the Related Link.

iPhone 4S. 8 megapixel camera... A5 processor (really fast and as fast as the iPad) many great features!

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