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Yes, capitalize Bachelor of Arts.

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Q: Should you capitalize Bachelor of Arts degree in Science - He holds a bachelor of arts degree in Science?
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Should you capitalize bachelors in bachelors in nursing?

Yes - it is a proper noun. The full name of the degree is "Bachelor of Science in Nursing," so when you refer to that specific degree, you must capitalize "Bachelor's," as in "Bachelor's in Nursing."

Should you capitalize bachelor's degree in the following sentence He completed his bachelor's degree in 1946.?

No, there is no need to capitalize the word bachelor's degree.

Should you capitalize bachelor's degree in the following sentence She received her bachelor's degree in math?

No, you do not capitalize bachelor's degree in this sense.

Should degree be capitalized in Bachelor of Science?


Should you get a bachelor's in political science or history if interested in law?

It is probably better just to get a straightup bachelor's of law.

Should you capitalize bachelor of arts in Middle Eastern languages?

It should only be used when it is used as a title. For example: He was studying for a bachelor of arts in middle eastern languages. VS John Smith, Bachelor of Arts [middle eastern languages does not require capitalization here]

Why does a bachelor of science pay more than bachelor of arts?

it just does, anytime you see art it should equal no money in your mind

Should bachelor of science be capitalized?

yes all three letters

Should degree be capitalized when used with Bachelor of Science?

No. It is written as BS.

Should you capitalize what field your Bachelor's Degree is in?

Yes because it is part of the title and, therefore, is a proper noun.

What is the difference between a bachelor of arts in chemistry and a bachelor of science in chemistry?

"There is no such thing as a BA in chemistry. All bachelors chemistry degrees should be BSc."

What rate is a bachelor of science degree worth?

It should bring you around $50,000 per year and up.