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Q: Should you clear your cookies regularly?
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Why should you clear cookies?

I do it to free up space on the hard drive.

Why should you clear all your cookies and links and cashes?

to get all the viruses of the computer

What is the procedure to clean up cookies on Macintosh computer?

Cookies are stored in /Username/Library/Cookies. You can also clear cookies for other browsers, like for Firefox you would click "Tools", "Clear private data...", and choose Cookies.

How do you clean your cookies?

With some milk, yum. No but really depending on what program your using, it's generally under tools, options or preferences. Should be an option to clear your cache/cookies/history.

How can you view the cookies on your computer using Firefox?

Tools --> Clear Recent History --> Cookies.

how do i remove cookies from my computer?

Go to tools/then choose internet options/then clear cookies.

Can you clear or delete all cookies?


A Delete all cookies B Keep cookies C keep the cookies of websites you usually visit and remove the cookies which is related to sensitive information Please tell me which one will you chose?

Option C - keep the cookies of web-sites you visit regularly.

How can I get Overstockcom from constantly placing their ads on my computer?

clear your cookies.

Examples of junk foods?

Candy, chips, cake, and cookies-can be eaten in small quantities, but not regularly.

Does babydow give you viruses?

Of course not! Only the ads have the potential to give viruses, and that is your fault, for you should only get virus ads if you never clear your cookies.

Should you make cookies?

When in doubt, make cookies.